OKC John Doe #2 = Dirty Bomber 'Padilla'? + Terry Nichols Trial 

6/14/02 8:27:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Ms. Shore,
Associated Press

RE: Your article relating to the trial of Terry Nichols and OKC.

Are you aware of the following: (i) The current or recently accused 'dirty bomber' Mr. Padilla has the same name as Terry Nichols former wife, which of course may just be a coincidence, however (ii) Have you noticed the similarity of Mr. Padilla (the dirty bomber) to the photo of John Doe #2 in relation to the Oklahoma City Bombing?

To see the photo's go to: http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495&article=28743

Are you aware that Timothy James McVeigh (who could be construed as a 'James' Bond) was never executed, but was given an unconditional pardon? See:
1. The Secrets of Timothy James McVeigh at www.skolnicksreport.com
2. Contact Major General Paul LeBreton, United States Air Force Pentagon Liaison (wizzard9@earthlink.net), who has had contact with Mr. McVeigh since his 'alleged' execution.
3. Contact Steve West in the Office of Governor Davis (CA), who confirmed that information for me officially in January of this year!
4. Stew Webb (Federal Whistleblower) at (stewwebb@sierranv.net), who has numerous CIA officials testimony to corroborate the story.

Are you aware of the fact that there were numerous other individuals involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing, one of them being Mr. McVeigh's Commanding Officer in the United States Special Forces, who confirmed that information to me in person in Phoenix, Arizona? Are you aware of the fact that I informed numerous media of this information and have yet to have one of them show any interest in finding out more?

Is the entire American media going to sit around and say absolutely fucking nothing, including Congress and the American people, as this man goes through another fucking hoax trial and probably be sent off to die, and none of you give a flying fuck?

How do you sleep at night?

Can you please inform me of Mr. Nichols contact address at the prison he is located at, and email it to me at larabraveheart@truth247.com, so that I can contact him and share some information with him, since it seems that just about 99.99999% of America doesn't give a SHIT about justice and at the very least giving this man a fair trial! If you were Terry Nichols, wouldn't you want at the very least a fair trial? Wouldn't you at the very least want the media to give the justice department and officials hell for their participation in this coverup? Or would you be quite happy that your fellow 'patriotic' Americans, waving their flags and singing America the brave [SIC] sit around and do absolutely fucking nothing to stand for truth, justice, honour, dignity, ethics, and so on!

Do you ever wonder why people such as Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh and many others around the world are horrified that you sit around and proclaim how you live in a free country, with a free press, and with a fair justice system, and you continue to allow such miscarriages of justice to occur?

America, wake up!! You are selling your souls down the sewer! You are standing by while it happens again! You are being silent! For your sakes, for your countries sake, make your voices heard -- LOUD AND CLEAR!

And one more thing: When do you think the trial for the FBI agents involved in Waco is going to be held? What about the trial of Janet Reno, President Clinton and Hillary Clinton regarding their involvement in the burning and murder of the people at Waco? What about the American people who sat around and supported the bombing and killing of thousands Iraqi's who had surrendered and who now support sanctions against that country that have so far killed over 1 million people many of them women and children? What about the trials of the government officials, Wall Street Investment Bankers and others who supported the overthrow of too many to mention Third World Governments around the planet for the past 50 years? Is it any wonder that just today the US Consulate in Pakistan was bombed by a group calling themselves Al Qanoon (THE LAW)? Now granted Pakistan is not exactly a country where you might find the law flourishing and handing out justice, but at the very least it does not go around the world proclaiming how it has a fair justice system, which AMERICA DOES! And then you send your own fellow Americans who stand up for the truth and justice (although albeitly I don't support their manner of doing so through bombing) by giving them KANGAROO COURT TRIALS! Arn't you ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES AND THE COUNTRY YOU ALLEGEDLY ARE SO FUCKING PROUD OF?


Lara Johnstone

Photo's of John Doe #2 of the Oklahoma City Bombing and Mr. Padilla (the dirty bomber)
at: http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495&article=28743

By Sandy Shore
Associated Press

DENVER -- Tears streamed down Terry Nichols' face Wednesday as his ex-wife told jurors about a
sealed letter he gave her in November 1994, detailing how to distribute his belongings in the event of his death.

In the letter, the Oklahoma City bombing suspect asked Lana Padilla to clean out a storage locker and
divide his assets -- including a life insurance policy -- between his son, Josh, and his wife and daughter in the Philippines.

"I have the most trust for you here in the United States," he wrote.

"I was very concerned, real concerned," Padilla, of Las Vegas testified, her words punctuated by tears. "I cared about Terry and I was concerned that there was something awful, that he was not coming back."
Defense attorney Michael Tigar put an arm around Nichols to comfort him as he cried, his face growing red. Someone handed him a tissue to wipe his eyes. At least two jurors and several bombing victims'
relatives also cried.

The courtroom was hushed, with all eyes focused on Padilla as she spoke, first recalling her marriage to Nichols in 1981 and then detailing their divorce eight years later. Several times, she stopped to sip water and regain her composure.

The letter was one of several items in a sealed brown paper bag that Nichols left with Padilla, the mother of his son, when he departed for the Philippines Nov. 22, 1994.  On the bag, Nichols instructed her to open it up if he failed to return to the United States by Jan. 25, 1995.  When Padilla and Josh took Nichols to the airport, Josh told her, "I'll never see my father again," and began crying in the car. "My antennae went out and I was concerned," she said.

So the next day, she opened the package and found the letter to her, and a second envelope marked Jennifer McVeigh, the sister of Timothy McVeigh, who was sentenced to die for the bombing. There also was a life insurance policy, some keys, a list of emergency numbers and a list of precious metals.
In the envelope addressed to Jennifer McVeigh, she found a second letter addressed to Tim, instructing him to clear out two storage sheds that prosecutors have said contained ingredients for the bomb.
Nichols suggested that McVeigh call Padilla, saying, "You're on your own, go for it."  "As far as heat, none that I know. This letter would be for the purpose of my death," he wrote.

Padilla told jurors, "When I read that last line, `the purpose of my death,' nothing else mattered. I just
thought he was not going to come back."  Deciding she couldn't wait until January as Nichols had asked, Padilla began to follow his instructions. She and her son, Barry, pried off the back of a kitchen drawer and found a Wal-Mart package of $20,000 in $100 bills.

Then, they went to the storage shed, in a facility in nearby Henderson. Padilla was rifling through Nichols'
briefcase as her son looked through the few boxes inside.

They found gold, silver and jade that prosecutors say was stolen from Arkansas gun collector Roger
Moore as part of a plan to finance the bombing. Padilla also found a ski mask, wig and pantyhose in
a bag. "I looked at the mask and said, `What is he doing, robbing banks?' " she said.

Moore testified Tuesday that a gunman wearing a black ski mask stole about $64,000 worth of precious
metals, jade and weapons from his home Nov. 5, 1994.  Shortly before Nichols departed for the Philippines, he called Padilla to discuss Josh, and began complaining about the government raid at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, on April 19, 1993.

"He felt it was handled unjustly," she said. "I recall him saying people were going to start killing off each
other and there was just going to be civil unrest."

Nichols, 42, could get the death penalty if convicted of murder and conspiracy charges. McVeigh was convicted in June of identical charges and sentenced to die.

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