Bush: Powell To Jeb Bush "The Tsunami, it's Our Mess"

Posted by: Anonymeme on Jan 11, 2005 - 02:47 PM

Conspiracy one of the things the cia taught me was to read lips. i got so good at it, i could read "jaw". highly prized skill. that means i can read "lips" even if the face is 3/4 facing away. I don't know if you saw the clip o­n CNN where Powell and Jeb Bush were walking up the stairs to embark o­n the flight to INdonesia. As they ascended Powell said something to the affect, "there's something i want to tell you before we get inside", Bush, "yeah, what's that?"...Powell turned toward his left, just as he began a hearty wave and out of the corner of his mouth said to Bush, "it's our mess"!

...Bush was staggered by what he thought he heard. As Powell waves, Bush begins to turn to wave as well, but is too unnerved to wave he asks.."its' what'. Powell repeats.."the tsunami, it's our mess". Jeb half-heartedly sends a hand in the general direction of the well wishers but his eyes are riveted to Powells. It almost appears that Bush is weak in the knees. Desparate for Powell's attention, Bush stops him before he enters the plane and it appears the statement is repeated. Combine this meme with the o­ne about the 1,000,000 ton Nuclear Sub that was driven straight into the ground to "avoid" something. Gee...how deep do you have to go to get out of the way of a Nuclear Blast Wave?


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