7/3/00 7:31:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Here is a late (final) follow-up on the Orb. It now appears that the  Orb departed from orbit shortly after the near collision incident with the unknown Fast-Mover Projectile.

Please note: It was my full intent to detail all of the orbital changes which might have occured with the Orb, subsequent to its encounter with the projectile, however, this effort was quickly thwarted by the content of the 19:36UT EIT realtime image. It contains far too many (orb & rod-like) anomalies to enable indentification of the Orb, which in this image, has clearly moved from its previous location.

In a nutshell, this loosely validates my previous speculation that the Orb may have been fired upon by forces unknown. Otherwise, how does one explain the appearance of multiple anomalies in a region previously occupied by the Orb.