Call this live data? Nosirree, they playing games with us. They could .. or might as well put a banner saying 'temporarily unavailable - something is happening we dont want you to see'

A. Things are going along just dandy, feed coming in live

B. Suddenly the Navy slides in old data

C. And again

D. We Caught em: Online conversation:

CO-WATCHER:  hi kent
BARDSQUILL:  hullooooooo
CO-WATCHER:  I thought the NASA / SOHO response was funny
CO-WATCHER:  planets stream'ing
CO-WATCHER:  yeah sure guys, they are going 10000000 miles an hour
BARDSQUILL:  I'm glad that even the experts are as cornfused as me.
CO-WATCHER:  does it seem to exhibit comet characteristics?
CO-WATCHER:  unless it does a u turn or something exotic :)
BARDSQUILL:  Yea, SOHO-Team named it and claimed it
C/2002 G3 (SOHO)
BARDSQUILL:  Comet C/2002 G3 (SOHO)

BARDSQUILL:  I'm focusing totally on this critter and it is about to get even more interesting
BARDSQUILL:  I think we'll see it close up on the C2 which is a zoom.
CO-WATCHER:  oh no doubt.
CO-WATCHER:  I have no info from Jon on the object
CO-WATCHER:  suncruiser again at 12 o'clock?
BARDSQUILL:  On April 17, it will pass a mere 0.08 AU from the surface of our star. 
BARDSQUILL:  Oboy, hope it has a smiley face
BARDSQUILL:  Here's the most live of the live watches:
Raw Navy data-feed
BARDSQUILL:  starting to turn towards ol Sol.
CO-WATCHER:  fizzle fizzle
CO-WATCHER:  is it normal for the live feed to have lots of GRAY on it or is that what you get while the image is being downloaded from SOHO?
CO-WATCHER:  you there kent!?!?!
BARDSQUILL:  live feed b/w
BARDSQUILL:  sorry, looking at eagles. Think the Comet should be named, "HAARPMAN'S HARPY"
CO-WATCHER:  I've just refreshed the feed and the comet has vanished!
CO-WATCHER:  unless its just me
BARDSQUILL:  yer kiddin
CO-WATCHER:  And ... nw there is a streak on the images. lots of them.... errr.... before that the suncrusier made a HUGE appearance.
CO-WATCHER:  saved the GIF
CO-WATCHER:  but it looks like the comet has vanished
BARDSQUILL:  Holy-Moley, ye right.  What did ya do with it, heh?
CO-WATCHER:  it was there one freaking moment the next the suncruiser appears and the comet is gone!
CO-WATCHER:  shall I email you the GIF image?
BARDSQUILL:  send me one with suncruiser on it, YES!  Missed that one.
CO-WATCHER:  there she goes.

BARDSQUILL:  Waittaminute, they switched to an old feed!
CO-WATCHER:  you mean they are putting old images on?
CO-WATCHER:  bastards
CO-WATCHER:  definitely hiding something in this case
BARDSQUILL:  yea, here it is the 16th and they showin from the 15th
CO-WATCHER:  and updating it too!
BARDSQUILL:  what the crap!
BARDSQUILL:  oboy, something strange must be going on up there.
CO-WATCHER:  the last image I saw was the one where the entire left hand side was grey
CO-WATCHER:  which is why I asked if its normal for when its being downloaded.
BARDSQUILL:  Damn Navy Swabbies, must be cheap whiskey
CO-WATCHER:  all the latest C3 images from LASCO are stuffed.
CO-WATCHER:  one looks like a ghostly haze 
BARDSQUILL:  Or ol' head spook-dude B Inman butted in
CO-WATCHER:  very suspicious actions on their part
BARDSQUILL:  very, but we caught em, oboy, this gonna be fun.
CO-WATCHER:  they could .. or might as well put a banner saying 'temporarily unavailable - something is happening we dont want you to see'
BARDSQUILL:  heh, quoting that phrase
BARDSQUILL:  making a page here

EDITOR: Sorry, Navy-NASA-SOHO-SWABBIES, could be an honest mistake, slipping in an old tape by accident and all, but ye have after all been feeding us dum peasants rather awkward data all along: 20020414_0242 (many hours); 20020414_1718 (many hours) 20020415_1818 (ongoing). What are ye worried about?

Try switching to Cydonia tapes. We all know for sure they be reliable, eh?