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We may be tracking an incoming object. Will keep close watch on the doppler shift and try to calculate the distance. Charlie

Subj: Re: Another in a series

Date: 8/5/99 10:29:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Charlie Plyler)

To: (Frank Condon)

CC: (Kent Steadman)

Well, Since my equipment is feeling good again, I can plainly see what you are detecting. I am sending you today's capture, (11 AM till 5 PM UTC time)and it's happening again.

An item of note!! Take a look at the FFT around .02 hertz. This is a recurring signal whose frequency gets shorter each date. If this is a doppler shift, something is incoming! Last week this peak was down around .003 hertz. At this rate of increase a visual sighting is to be expected very soon. Scary!

Will calculate the distance according to frequency shift and get back to you shortly.


Elfrad Group

Frank Condon wrote:

Hi Charlie:

I'm experiencing the most fantastic series of seismic precursors to date! Please take a look at this latest capture... I tried to account for all of the most common of errors and can find no fault with the instrumentation to account for this.