Date: 9/29/00 3:01:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent - I live in a suberb of Toledo, OH. Am well aware of the chemtrails phenom across the globe, and besides seeing the numerous patterns in the sky - it's never really hit me inside..... but today, it got personal. There is white, sticky web like material everywhere. On the trees, on the car, on the lawn furniture! At @ 1646, I noticed a large "X" chemtrail to the north shortly after noticing the webs. In some places, the material has clumped together to form rather large, intricately shaped masses. Individual strings are quite stong though elastic. I was able to obtain a fairly large sample, which I put into a clean "pill" bottle. I am a chemist, but the lab I work in does not analyze "bio" compounds or EPA regulated compounds! Where can I send this stuff to get it analyzed. I need some "sleuth-like" assistance! Onward through the fog.................

9/29/00 9:32:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Most large metropolitan areas should have labs with "mass spectrometers", used, in part, for testing for drugs. It creates a "fingerprint" of the chemicals in a substance. Many of these labs should be "for profit", and would love to test the substance. Given the "war on drugs", my guess is that there are a lot around.

Date: 9/30/00 5:37:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

That is the 4th report this week over there....First Rusty, then my dad, the next day my dad's neighbour and then this one. Dad is in Albq., touched it and now he's sick....tell people not to touch this dang stuff!

9/30/00 5:37:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent - As a follow-up to 09/29's email, attached are photos of the NWO cotten candy dropped on Toledo, OH on 09/29..; Again  today (09/30), contrails were evident all day - counted 7 different "X"'s  throughout the day!  Good thing I'm taking silver!.......Why are they doing this......Got some good video of planes during spraying....will MPEG 'em and send them your way!