solutions instead of problems 

6/20/03 12:39:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Even though what is written below is nothing but an opinion, I contend
what is
written can be proven quite easily.

What is contained below is NOT a joke.

What is being exposed is REAL!

The solution to what is exposed is equally REAL!

It may, take a leap of 'faith' for one to understand. I can't help that.
What is faith if not a hope and a dream on the wings of a prayer...or an ideology?

The line is thin between a good dream and a bad one. Dream a selfish
dream, and reap selfish benefits. Dream an unselfish dream, reap
unselfish benefits. Remember, Sharing goes both ways.

With that...the expose.




The time has come to say it out loud. Most of my academic colleagues say
it privately, but hedge in their classes. Many of my old buddies at Time
and Newsweek, where I was an editor for a decade, agree, but tell me
they can never say so in print. All my friends fear that if they spell
it out the FBI will arrest them in the middle of the night and they will
become "disappeared" like hundreds of innocent Moslems who are not even
charged with a crime. They know that Attorney General Ashcroft is
itching to use the proposed Patriot Act II, which will certainly
become law after US forces suffer casualties in Iraq, to deport
native-born critics of the Administration to Antarctica or bury them in
solitary confinement in the Arizona desert, as that law permits. But it
is now time to say and act upon the fact that the United States, as a
state, is Fascist.


An interesting article worth the read.

Lets just say that the 'state' of america IS fascist, for arguments

Lets define fascism and fascist.

Fascsism is corporation'ism. American government is run as a
business...a corporation that wishes to control all other corporations
for the good of the corporation, at the expense of the consumers of the
goods and services of corporations...that are staffed and run by
consumers of corporate dogma, as BIG lies sold across the corporate
spectrum, sphere, and reach.
The corporate credo is corporations and corporate entities MUST grow, or
Organized religion is a corporation and corporate entity.
The education 'system' is a corporation and corporate entity.
The legal 'system' is a corporation and corporate entity.
All serve each other as entity partners, SELLING an entity-partnership
CONcocted reality with corporate strength reliant of the numbers of
'true-believers' the corporation can enlist and fool into believing the
true-lies of corporate patriotism.

Bush is a corporate head, and entity.
Blair is a corporate head, and entity.
Every leader that supports fascism is a corporate head, and entity...and
a terrorist, selling terrorism, financed by bankers and money.

This is global politics as evolution of the human species defined as
clearly as I know how.

War then, becomes a BIG corporate fascist business that feeds other
corporate big business that creates conflict that enables and creates
money and war
for and over money, in order for money to continue to flow freely, as
and like the blood of war, enlaving all under a corporate fascist
umbrella and agenda...defended as patriotism, nationalism and voodoo economics.

It does not seem very human or humane situation!

In fact, it is not.

We have done it to ourselves by believing true-lies.

The corporate architect entity who designed fascism, as far as I can
tell, is a banker and ill-luminated mason. Masonry is a fraternity, cloaked in
secrecy, masters of lies and subliminal programming. Fraternities are a
lesson in true-believer'ism and collectivism, with corporate thought and ways
dictating how one goes about living ones life, as an individual
collective of individuals in a collective of singular thought.
Fraternities then, are cults. Cults can easily become occultic, as
history has shown.
Organized religion is a cult.
Politics is a cult.
Patriotism is a cult.
Education is a cult.
Corporations are cults.
All are based in 'us', against 'them'.
All are seeking higher knowledge.
All see humanity as 'consumers' of their dogma.

For background, rent Catch-22 with Alan Arkin.

Admittedly this is a harsh Truth if the ramifications of such a scenario
are understood properly.

Some might get intimidated by fascism.

Fascism defined then, is fear and corporate lies...sold, for money, as
power to true-believing consumers of fear and corporate lies, which is simply another
word for salesmanship.
America is based in and on sales...of and for the american dream, as a
living nightmare, held hostage to the Federal Reserve...which is nothing
but another financial, money-war creating corporation.
Politics then strives to become as a culture, justifying its existence.
Politics is the art of the lie.

It reminds me of a line in 'the godfather'..."nothing personal, its
business." What we are witnessing, I believe is the business'ification
of life, with each individual viewed as a representative personal
corporate special interest unto the individual who bites into that lie.

Corporations sell the fear of not being able to have what the corporation
has and holds hostage for green paper and gold.
Corporations want everything, so the corporation can control everything.

The 'ruling' corporation is interested in corporate capitalism, because
it is good for the corporate climate created by corporate life and belief.

What to do about this apparent fascism then?

Fascism is a 'state' of mind, just as the american dream is, was, and
has been for many generations now, a 'state' of mind...based on
collectivism and the collective, individually interpeted american
'dream', not at all founded on reality imho, instead based in and on
denial, which is merely another word for lies...
Denial is lie'ing to ones self.

For a bizzare reference to collectivism, think 'borg' agenda.

To put it bluntly, we, have been brain-washed...deceived by corporate
fascists that sell a dream-based reality.

We should all be quite pissed...yet violence ALWAYS begets violence,
just as hate will ALWAYS beget hate.
Besides, the fascists are better armed. The corporations saw to that
long ago.
Will love then, solve corporate fascism?
Clearly NOT!
Loving the entity of corporate fascism only enlsaves a person deeper
into corporate
fascism. Corporate fascsim is based on instant gratification for the
consumer of corporate fascism. America is founded on instant,
corporate-fascist, gratification and instant gratification is a powerful
desire in the material and material'ism-based world.

Alot of seemingly insurmoutable problems at play, and it only goes


Lets think about this for a moment.

What is 'it' that drives corporate fascism that wishes to enslave all of
What could  'its' life'blood' be?
Yes. Corporations sell greed. Fascism sells fear. Together, they sell
fear of lack, as success.
Yes, as one has to be greedy to be wealthy as well as monied to be
greedy in a monied society.
Yes, as one must have a god-complex to be powerful as well as having a
powerful need
to feed a god-complex.
Yes, as the corporate fascist reality is based in and on selling scientific
discovery. Science, put simply, is the manipulation of the 'concept' or
theory of numbers.
Yes, numbers are important. Important enough to let corporate numbers be
more important than individual need?
I think NOT!

What drives all three simplistic examples?

This may be the million dollar question...and answer.

I believe the life blood of corporate fascism to be money.

Therefore...the solution.
Abolish money, by talking about ways to abolish money, beginning at a
grass roots level.

All it would take would be a minor shift of perspective.
Its been said that perspective, creates reality.
Change the global perspective by talking about and highlighting
solutions instead of focusing on created problems.
Problems go away when a proper solution is introduced.

Money creates and causes EVERY social ill known to humanity.
Abolish money, abolish social ill.
Why not make money and social ill a Free Choice by identifying what
LIMITS and then talking about ways and means to abolish
what limits Free choice?.

If Freedom is under attack...sell Freedom.
If money enslaves all it touches, sell Freedom from money.

Change the debate, by talking about ways and means to abolishing money
and disaster is averted...peacefully, with Freedom, Love, Peace, and
Understanding for All Our Relations.
Its that simple.
Complex problems ALWAYS require simple solutions.  contains basic talking points, all open
for discussion.

hope this helps