Subj: Re: TERRORISM and the USA
Date: 9/30/01 12:20:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Harry Mason)



I would appreciate it if you would remove me from this list


Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II


My country is at war.  Both the commander and chief have officially stated so.


It has become very simple. Either one is with us against the terrorists, or one is with the terrorists against us.


Tom Bearden, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)


Dear Tom,
I am 100% with you against THE terrorists - BUT the very real and important question is who are THE terrorists ???
If one cannot look at all the angles and all sides of this and if one can only take one largely solid US establishment viewpoint then humanity is ultimately lost......................
I believe that in this 9/11 scenario it is very important to look at how the Arab and Muslim world view the USA and the UK etc.
I presume you are upset about the nature of the the articles I have sent to you re the CIA and US World actions in overthrowing elected governments around the planet since WWII ???? I have forwarded these articles to ensure that such viewpoints (other than those propagated in the highly controlled Western mass media) with possible direct relevance to these 9/11 incidents are communicated to my friends and thereby hopefully to the World.
I always like to examine history and the other guys point of view in an attempt to determine the possible future course of events - including as many different viewpoints as possible on what has happened in those events and in our mutual history - as recorded. US-UK covert actions over the last few decades in the Arab-Muslim world are well documented by numerous researchers and the accounts of these actions installing puppets and dictators can be taken as largely true............ After all it was self evident in Vietnam on many occasions and anyone with a few brain cells has seen it across South America and the West Indies culminating in fairly recent Panamanian events..................... 
The average US citizen is totally unaware of most of this - it is just not published in your press or TV - or if discussed it is from a very limited 180 degree vector viewpoint.
eg. The Spanish documentaries on the several thousand persons who "disappeared" (shot by firing squads os simply thrown in the Pacific) at the hands of US troops in the recent Panama invasion have not been shown or discussed on US media. Similarly the UK media made NO mention of the involvement of the RAF in bombing into submission the poor Biafran - Nigerian "rebels" a few years ago - yet it was headline news in the Swedish press and well known to Biafran survivors who reached London. Likewise the average UK or French citizen is unaware of his governments covert actions in the Middle East arena. The average Arab or Muslim however is NOT UNAWARE of this history - in fact they literally seeth at what they percieve is a huge injustice and afront to their manhood .................
Before your commander in chief unleashes war against the latest "terrorist source" it would be wise to realise that a very high percentage of the Arab-Muslim world views the USA as a terrorist state that is solidly behind that other terrorist state - Israel - and that both the USA and Israel have been standing on their necks since the 1940's. They view the world as an American Empire with them as the slaves at the bottom of the pile.
The realities and truth of this (right or wrong) do NOT enter into it - this is how they feel. I have spent a lot of time in these countries travelling the deserts looking at the geology and talking with their people (poor, rich, educated, uneducated etc.) around the camp fire etc.  I am absolutely certain that US-UK action against the Taliban WILL unleash a wave of rebellion in the Arab-Muslim world, this will lead to civil war in Pakistan, Egypt, (possibly even Indonesia ?), Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, AND will ultimately (over a few years) lead to many more horrific terrorist incidents in the USA and Europe etc. Such events will undoubtably polarise the World and will finally encourage some more capable nations to have a go on their favourite local issue whilst we are engaged elsewhere - eg China Taiwan, North Korea - South Korea etc. Make no mistake about it - WE are ALL facing a very high threat of World War III - or at least a titanic clash of civilisations - WEST v MUSLIM - a "Crusade" in your commander in chief's words..............................
This could easily happen even though the ultimate source intention that created the 9/11 terrorist acts might not have been from "Osama bin Labelled". The real WHO might be sitting around gleefully viewing his catayltic action and the resultant unfolding armageddon ............................ At the very least he will be condsolidating his power over the World population via controls on humanities continuingly rareified freedoms, money, credit, and trade.
Whilst I share the average USA citizen's immediate reactive desire to destroy those responsible for this inhuman 911 event, I temper that desire with an intention to get those truely responsible, as opposed to following a media indicated hue and cry aimed at Osama Bin "Labelled". I would like to avoid giving a blank cheque on reciprocal murder of yet more innocent victims. We should take a long hard look at this action to determine the WHO and the WHY..........When angry it is always wise to step back and act with slow calm deliberation.
My personal preliminary viewpoint is to take a long hard look at Saddam Hussein and/or those whith a vested interest in preserving World Hegemony via the US Dollar ......................Who really benefits from an early "controlled" collapse of World Trade and the US Dollar or from initiation of World War III or the Third Crusade of West v Muslim ??????
Many economic observers here and in Europe were predicting a MAJOR collapse in the US Dollar and in World Trade commencing in late September - early October. Simply put the USA has been living beyond it's means and by following a policy of massive creation of credit has placed itself and world trade in jepardy. REcent drops in US Federal Reserve interest rates have begun to place the Euro on a higher footing than the US Dollar. Thus investment funds have been fleeing from the USA to Europe. Japan had begun to cash in her US bonds. Confidence in the US Dollar and the USA was beginning to drop. Many major world companies have been going broke for the last year - there have been serious corporate financial collapses prior to those now claiming their demise is due to the events of 9/11.....................
I predicted last March in a letter to such an Australian economic guru that we would see a "wild card" played just prior to this rapidly unfolding economic collapse - inorder to ensure that World power remained in the hands of those behind the Federal Reserve. I believe 9/11 was just that ................ History shows us that where World Power is concerned the top players are totally ruthless. World and/or major War appears to directly result from deliberate causation by the would be money power of the day. Forget nation states as cause - they and their elected leaders are usually at effect (or bought and paid for) - this stuff is controlled from above on the money lines. If you really think George Bush is running this game then I would tactfully suggest you take another close look .....................
We should be extremely careful investigating the source intention behind 9/11. If you recall the Achillie Lauro cruise liner incident was carried out by genuine palestinian terrorists who killed an old jew by throwing him over the side and consequently got world opinion soldily against the Palestine cause - BUT years later it came out that the entire operation had been financed and controlled from above by Mossad. They fooled even the Arabs who mounted the operation. I am not implying Mossad WAS behind the events of 9/11, but recent events at the South African UN event where Israel was labelled a "Racist State" and the ongoing bad press over their actions in Palestine, and their loss of control of the USA in your recent elections, make them at least a high on the list candidate for thorough examination, along with the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank, and Saddam Hussein - there should be a few others here too eg Russian Mafiosi etc.
The 9/11 event ranks alongside the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in pivotal moments of world history.
There is a VERY REAL danger of WWIII. Therefore it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that we get it right - WHO to grab/destroy - WHAT to do to stop such events in the future. We cannot blindly follow our "leaders" in this early stage of the game. Here in OZ WE need more investigation and data. I would not trust any one of these political types at this stage. I temper that with the fact that I actually liked George Dubya Bush from what little I saw of him on TV and if I was an American I would have voted for him !!! Here in OZ I share a healthy skepticism about the veracity of our political "leaders" with most of our population. We don't jump because they say to - we like to decide for ourself, we are natural rebels, and are basically in doubt over their true intentions - we extend that to the entire political leadership of the world.
I have worked and travelled in many Islamic countries from India (say15% muslim), Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Gulf states, and have visited Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, and Egypt. Their highly numerous downtrodden masses are normally difficult to motivate for anything. They appear to be largely very low in IQ.Politically incorrect but unfortunately true.  BUT just shout JIHAD and AMERIKA and you will find zillions of screaming lunatics well capable of handling an AK47 or an anti-tank missile and TOTALLY convinced that YOU are the source of ALL their trouble.
Just as YOU are now convinced that Arab Terrorists such as Osama bin Laden are the source of ALL your trouble.
The "Third Party" law points out that such "upsets" between two people(s) are usually precipitated by a covert hidden third party telling BOTH sides that the other is bad. Infact the bad (ON BOTH SIDES) are very few and almost certainly in the pay or control of the hidden "third force". The hidden source is the one we should be rooting out and I remain totally unconvinced that this IS "Osama bin Labelled".
Malaysia and several African states could also easily get embroiled in this new "game". If big stick bashing of third world people is the answer then there are an awful lot of people you will have to bash - I hope you are fully aware of the dimensions and backlash liabilities of that approach ...........................
One area that must be addressed ultimately is the social fabric and lifestyle of the muslim masses in the countries held under by despots that "we" installed ................. ANY western action against Afghanistahn and the Taliban or a search and destoy action for Osama bin Laden will almost certainly precipitate civil war in Pakistan and serious trouble in other muslim countries controlled by puppet dictators or kings. They will all be at risk - no wonder King Saud has flown to Switzerland and Mubarek of Egypt is cuddling up to Saddam Hussein in the press. Installing a long forgotten king in Afghanistan will only be repeating the same mistake all over again....................... Your military industrial complex will be guarranteed a pay cheque to infinity if such insanities are persued.
Logic and reasoning are not big in the reactive poor Arab-Muslim world either ........................... Back in the 1980's I was nearly lynched in Omdurman (Relief of Gordon from the Mahdi whirling dervishes fame - opposite Khartoum - across the Nile) by a mob of thousands who were told by a local rabble rouser I was an American Reporter from Time Magazine photographing the poor of Sudan to make Sudan look "backwards and small" to the World ................ In fact I was in an official government car on a tourist sightseeing drive around Omdurman and I took a photo of 100 locals climbing over one another to get on and off a local tip truck "bus"........ I really thought that I would die as they screamed and bounced rocks and sticks off our car roof. I actually got out of the car to "take some with me" - when a cop car raced into the crowd literally knocking them over in a swath and rescued us from a very public stoning. Very Monty Python - but really quite terrifying.
I was actually attending the Arab World Mineral Conference to see if there were any possibilities re gold exploration in the Sudan. Work by a number of Australian geologists actually ended in active gold mining there and jobs for a large number of Sudanese plus a lot of money ending up in their (installed by us) political leaders Swiss bank accounts ...............These leaches (Great Leaders Numbers 1 and 2) actually told us that the price of business in the Sudan was a very large donation to their numbered bank accounts. Yet around them their people were literally starving to death ...............These guys were later deposed by Muslim rebels and I heard number two was hung. Such is the Kharma of leeches..................Shame .......................
Given the US and British history of fomenting revolutions and instaling puppet dictator-kings in the Arabic and Muslim countries I am not surprised about the rise of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein - If you or I lived there as locals we would probably be right in there helping to overthrow the wicked Satan (USA). But as a Westerner I just prey we can keep the lid on this Genie - but I suspect years of suppression will be catalysed into action over the next few months.
However show me the evidence proving Osama bin "Labelled" Laden "dun it" and I'll line up to spread eagle him and his helpers on a bull ant nest with honey applied liberally to his soft bits - they eat meat quite slowly ....................... This will become a clash of civilisations - neither are innocent or perfect - but I live in the Western one ................
This means that ultimately in the final worst case scenario I must PROBABLY adopt the line "My country (civilisation) right or wrong" BUT I am NOT willing to give George Bush a blank cheque - just YET..............
However I might also add that several years ago (1980's) whilst I was attempting to obtain finance for Australian Mining ventures in the USA I became aware that your FBI were bugging my and US business associates phones. Our operations suffered an enormous amount of FBI harrassment of this evesdropping kind. About two years later an American colleague finally gained access via FOI to his FBI files and found to his amazement that we were being monitored as a group that was "attempting to overthrow the government of the USA !!!" I can assure you that this was NOT the case and that I have never felt the need to overthrow your government nor have I tried !!! We howled with laughter BUT sobbered up when we realised just how crazy this FBI investigation had been. It left me amazed and quite chuffed that they believed I was THAT powerful. Probably some FBI nut that needed to justify his existence or perhaps someone had it in for us AND had FBI influence. BUT what credibility can I place on their ID of Osama bin "Labelled" as THE guy behind the 9/11 (or the earlier WTC and Kenyan bombing) events. Their investigation of TWA 800 and the OKC bombing - to name but two - hardly leave me feeling the FBI are either capable or truthful in these matters .....................
There is the rub - we the people no longer trust our governments. When I visited you a few years ago you and your wife were of the same opinion and you openly discussed how there was a need for a new American revolution - yet now you are 100% behind your commander in chief ................
Here in Australia most of the people I know resent your presidents line "You are with us - or against us"..................... Prior to this statement we WERE actually 99% with you BUT take away our freedom of choice with an implied threat and Australians (like all humans) react negatively. NOW we are saying prove it was bin Ladden and your proof better be bloody good..................... Whilst we are willing to help totally destroy those responsible for the New York and Washington incidents and are willing to put our lives on the line most Australians want very very good proof of who was responsible BEFORE putting their families lives and those of countless others on the line and possibly contributing to the outbreak of WWIII.
US actions have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands to millions in these countries since WWII. You (and to some minor extent the rest of the Western World) have lost say 7000 on 9/11...........
How we act now will decide just how many more will die - perhaps it could determine if planetary life itself survives ....................
Many are aware of the realities of world terrorism being derrived from both state and small groups - all utilise it for political power.
If one is going to honestly tackle World Terrorism one must stop both forms of political behaviour. That means curtailing both the CIA, MI-5, ASIO, Mossad, and the Muslim "Freedom Fighters"..................and rooting out those of like behaviour at the top and bottems of our respective social piles.
Anything else is pure humbug. To focus on bin Laden and ignore your own state sponsored terrorism is just an employment of naked power. You won't like the world that will emerge from that - even if you are successful - you will NEVER be able to stop looking over your shoulders ................................
I can respect that you are 100% behind your commander in chief. But I do hope you can at least read an alternative viewpoint. If you and others like you close your eyes to the wider realities of this issue then I believe humanity is already lost.
The following quote is from one of your great countrymen - largely responsible for leading Australia out of the Japanese terror of WWII :-
"Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear -- kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor -- with the cry of grave national emergency.  Always there has been some terrible evil ... to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it - (by furnishing the exorbitant funds demanded). 
               General Douglas MacArthur - speaking of large Pentagon budgets, 1957
Insanity may be defined as "Repeating the same action a second time in the hope that the outcome will be different".......................................
If the future is indeed to bash the World into submission then that is no better then the recent terrorist intention.
I hope you can respect the fact that I am 100% behind humanity and that I wish at all costs to avoid WWIII and the huge loss of life that will entail.
Please understand that if powers outside our control initiate WWIII then I will be forced to be behind you guys - probably I'll actually be in front !!!! BUT first I'll do everything in my power to stop this mass insanity propagating out of control. If you (or the USA) cannot listen to honest criticism from good friends then you are not the great people or nation I have taken you for.
I have valued our friendship Tom and I hope it can last out this most horrific time.
I repeat that if all goes wrong and war develops then I shall be with you 100% but :-
(1) I will not follow you blindly and would rather see this handled sanely. I wish to see the real terroists get zapped - after very very good evidence to their identity has been tabled (preferably in the UN and at the Hague International Court), and wish to see evidence that the foreign covert "terrorist" policy of the US has been similarly curtailed,
(2) I totally reject your and your presidents assertion that "If I am not 100% with you then I am with the terrorists" - I give blank cheques to no man nor nation. I am not with the terrorists or against you BUT I will not and cannot endorse a policy of major military intervention that will lead ultimately to World War III.
If you and/or the US-UK Governments have some good intelligence that justifies these planned military actions against the Taliban and bin Laden and explains their being planned as long ago as last June (Indian and BBC press) and explains why 20,000 British troops were already enroute to the Gulf (at the time of 9/11) in the largest naval armada since the Falklands War, then there are a lot of friends of the USA who would like to see it. If you want our help then we believe you owe us the truth - not spin doctored bullshit and veiled threats like you're with us or against us. 
For too long the US has taken the allegiance of others for granted with the attitude if it's good for the USA it's good for the planet. We are your friends and we are all 100% against terrorism (of whatever source) and if absolutely neccessary we will you help out in your war - BUT things are gonna have to change re the centralised Rome type arrogance thing ................................
Please re-confirm if you want my e-mail in future - or not.
Best regards and best of luck in whatever the future brings you, your wife, and your nation.
Harry Mason
British Citizen
Resident of Western Australia
Member of Human Race - Planet Earth