Date: 05/6/02 08:57:17 AM

Name: The Necramericanomicon


Subject: Kento/Cmdr: "This is not a good time to die"? Huktuctu, Soul Devourerer?

Is There A Super Holographic Device At Work?

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We are living in a time of great spiritual warfare. The war that has been raging in the astral has become so violent it has spread to our third dimensional plane on Earth. This war is the last great battle, the so-called apocalypse. Not only are we destroying our planet, but the war has destroyed the astral world. I think this is why my mother moved on into the light so quickly. This is the message the dead had for Doris. Everything there is in chaos.

To die now is to go into total darkness. Without knowing the way, or without someone to guide you, it is impossible for the dead to find their way into the light. This is not a good time to die

There is a red cloaked one, known to the ancients as Huktuctu, and to the Christians as Satan, who is busy devouring souls. To die now is to be lost for eternity. You don't go to hell. Once dead, you are in danger of having your soul, that spark of light that is God in each of us, torn away. Once it happens, the person that was you dissipates as a speck of nothing.

This is the fate of billions of foolish humans on this planet who choose to avoid love and make war. This is the fate of billions of foolish humans who chose the love of money over the love of the planet that feeds and nourishes them.

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I would like to take Kents 'Religion is a dam against chaos' concept and develop it, based on my own studies and personal experience.

The Battle on this planet is for human consciousness, the manifestations we are starting to see are as a result of this fractured conciousness and its interaction with the earth whose consciousness is preprogrammed or automatic by the creator i.e stimuli response.

Anyone who has had out of body experiences or interdimensional experiences as I have can tell you that this planet is surrounded by a false technology grid,the Ambilac website goes into details,but basically the earth is surrounded by 'rings' of this false conciousness so when we die we gravitate to either a christian,buddhist,taoist or whatever heaven or hell for recycle and re-use ,thoroughly stripped of prior life experiences,there is a group of evil beings called archons that ensure souls don't escape from this falsereality to the real God beyond.

There are also realms for earthly attached spirits these are what the 'mediums' tap into.

Basically through wars, strife and chaos we supply these beings with their requisite 'energy' i.e spiritual vampirism.

My long and hard studies have the conclusion that most of the worlds religious texts and teachings, if not disseminated by these beings, have been corrupted and distorted by those in charge of their compilation.

For example the Roman Catholic church guards the Dead Sea Scrolls secrets which reveal many beliefs such as re-incarnation were extent at the time of early Christianity, of course if you get more than one shot it doesn't place such a sense of urgency on the collection plate does it?.

All great lies are at least the 90 percentile truth,v ery few ever study the texts most just 'believe' what their advisors impart.

As Dante points out there are 4 levels of interpretation,1.literal-the fundamentalists are stuck here, 2.allogorical eg the number 7=3+4 the number of heaven and earth combined =yes God did make the world in 7 days. relevance and revelation with the holy spirits assistance for example 12 disciples on a boat tossed and turned by the sea of life are rescued by Jesus with his calm bicameral God linked mind.

I would add 5 the mind that recieved it and its predispositions of programming via the 5 senses and environment i.e they were jews.

The mainstream Church will not admit that Judaism its laws and festivals still stand, in fact Easter and Christmas were borrowed off the pagans. So in Matthew when it says, In the end of the Sabbath (i.e Friday sundown to Saturday sundown-close to Saturday sundown)as it began to dawn towards the first day of the week (Saturday sundown to Sunday sundown)came Mary who saw Christ had risen ON SATURDAY and died on Wednesday...if the mainstream church can't even get anything as basic as that right, then we have big problems.

In the Old Testament not knowing Jewish law that 1.had soldiers divorcing their wives prior to battle so they could remarry and 2. to disobey the direct order of a King meant death,we have David,'a man after Gods own heart', committing adultery and murdering someone.

The above offers some thoughts as how we and the emphasis is on us to approach such materials.

In the wrong hands Religion becomes an information Meme or contagion that directs us towards one of these false consciousnesses which will in turn provide its own re-inforcement,eventually we are so convinced we 'submit' and become home to basically the napster logo, a spirit of the archons.

Man's control room is well known to our enemies and can be overtaken.

Now in the west obviously because fools have been in charge of the teachings as of the 1600's with science making us 'as Gods' we have gravitated away from Religion towards consumerism and associated patriotism with Religion a tool of the State to back it up.

Advertising and mass media is the new information meme,and we are being deliberately dumbed down,the messages are -eat,sleep,procreate,preen,nothing appealing to the higher consciousness, anyone half awake notices the increasing number of individuals where the lights are on and no one is home.

The insidious side of this is Hollywierd etc, congratulations USA your principal export is mental illness.Lets take a case in point Martin Bryant the Australian mass murderer whilst he did have help demonstrated an awesome profiency with firearms, kill ratio, head shots, marksmanship, to the levels of the elite of the worlds elite,a visiting brigadier commented on the almost 'satanic' efficiency of Bryant a left handed borderline Iq individual by his psych report.

And it was his favourite movie was 'Childs play' where Chuchy the lifeless doll comes possessed and goes on a rampage.

He eventually submitted and got on deck a terminator unit, there are evils cults indeed Governments that can induce similar effects.

Of course in cultures like Afghanistan where its still a pre 1600's mind set Religion is still the major controller.

Who are the archons well I can tell you Isis, Horus and Set are what the Catholic church is in league with, there are also Osirus, Horus, Amun, Maya AND Nuit ,the 99 percentile of whats worshipped here revolves around this base set.

Yes they once and possibly still do have physical format,the temple of Set in Egypt has heavy lift helicopters, apaches and other spaceships on it. Sort of makes the pyramids a bit more explainable.

Some are purely maleavolent others such as Horus having his own agenda are somewhat amenable to humans.

All religion is SSR same stuff recycled...except for the original shamanism but your still dealing with spirit entities.

Your share in creation is imagine ,believe, become but make sure you maintain your free will,at crucial times great teachers always appear but there is also the balance of consequences, to minimise these look to the light and worry about those you love and care about and your own patch first and be prepared for life without kmart...for our money is created out of thin air and is backed by nothing other than perception ,the smoke and mirrors won't last forever and beyond the Wizard of Oz is a real God.