The great army shall pass over the mountains

Saturn, Aries, Mars turning to the fishes,

Poisons hidden in the heads of Salmons,

Their captain hanged with a string of the pole-Mars.



Jupiter being more joined to Venus than to the Moon,

Appearing in a full whiteness,

Venus being hid under the whiteness of Neptune,

Stricken by Mars Through the engraved branch.



In the year that Saturn and Mars shall be fiery,

The air shall be very dry, in many countries,

By secret fires, many places shall be burnt with heat,

There shall be scarcity of rain, hot winds, wars, wounds.


V: 14

Saturn and Mars being in Leo,

Near Malta, a hereditary Prince shall be taken alive,

And the Roman sceptre shall be struck by the cock.

Spain shall suffer great defeat. France shall contribute to her downfall.


VI: 50

In the well shall be found the bones,

Incest shall be committed by the stepmother,

The state being changed, there shall be a great stir about the bones,

And she shall have Mars for her ascending planet.



In the year 1999 and seven months,

From the skies shall come an alarmingly powerful king,

To raise again the great King of the Jacquerie,

Before and after, Mars shall reign at will.



A great city shall be abandoned to the soldiers,

There never was a mortal tumult so near,

Oh! what a hideous calamity approaches,

Except one offense, nothing shall be pardoned.



The heaven shall burn at five and forty degrees,

The fire shall come near the great new city,

In an instant a great flame dispersed shall burst out,

When they shall make a trial of Normans.