I cannot effectively comment on another's specific disorder, nor prove, but a few notes of my own:  

RESEARCHER: I LOVE the music on the site!   Ghost Riders in the Sky!
BARDSQUILL: yep, Cooper was a legend, right or wrong
RESEARCHER: no doubt about it.........     I tried to bring up his good and bad ........and yes, right and wrong.......
RESEARCHER: no matter what......he did have an impact
BARDSQUILL: I went through serious active alcoholism too, been sober 15 years. I can relate.
BARDSQUILL: Thing about drunks, like you say, they are often very intelligent, geniuses, make astounding correct contributions, much for the good that cannot be discounted, but alas, they risk going crazy and many times leaving earth permanently--was a really close call for me, and of course I still have the latent disease and must stay sober.
RESEARCHER: yes.....Kent, I highly commend you
BARDSQUILL: 25 years ago I got in a shoot-out once with my best friend! Dangerous! Both of us were so drunk we missed.
RESEARCHER: wow........
BARDSQUILL: Neither one of us could understand the next morning why it happened. Scary! Baffling disorder!
RESEARCHER: I am so glad that you are on the right path now... and are serving the community in such a great way through your amazing websites. I thank God for you!

Maybe off the wall but here goes:

Afterthought: no doubt that whole cultures can be in denial--terrible conflicts and wars directed and carried out by disordered people, macho, paranoid drunks, and now the life of an entire planet is at stake.

Healing requires surrender, not to another power or person, but to whom we really are deep inside.