Subj: One little detail...
Date: 5/22/01 6:54:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time

...that keeps getting overlooked in regards to the OKC bomb:

Do a search at Da' Goog on "Anhydrous Hydrazine" or
"Nitromethane near McVeigh". You will find that those delightful
little chemicals figured into the action there.

Now, here comes the interesting part:

Mixing Nitromethane(an oxygen-rich industrial solvent used in the
printing industry to clean printing presses and in motorsports,
especially drag and sprint car racing as a racing fuel) and
Anhydrous Hydrazine(a compund used in rocket fuels) creates a
highly explosive and *very* unstable mixture. Back in the mid to
late '60s, there was a lot of experimentation with this mixture to
create horsepower in drag racing engines. While the amount of
horsepower created was not what people were hoping, there were
many problems with unintended effects, i.e.:explosions that tore
the front off of the Top Fuel Dragsters when they would land hard
after launching into a wheelstand, a rather common occurance in
the dragsters of that era. Seems that not only was the mixture that
unstable, but the mixture created crystalline deposits that built up
on the inside of the front-mounted fuel tanks. These crystals were
said to be very, very unstable and explosive.

Well, the National Hot Rod Association, being very safety-minded,
outlawed Anhydrous Hydrazine as a fuel additive after a few of
these little accidents.

I am sure that you are wondering "So, what's the point of this
drivel?". I assure you, there is a point. In fact, a few:

1. Anhydrous Hydrazine reacts with Nitrogen-rich compounds to
give you "more bang for the buck". Too often, there have been
those that have said "An ANFO bomb could never have done
*THAT*". They are quite correct. But a nitrogen-based fertilizer and
fuel oil bomb, spiced up with more nitrogen-rich Nitromethane and
then finished off with Anhydrous Hydrogen and detonated with the
help of bottled propane(as a blast direction agent, kinda like the
world's biggest "Foo Gas" bomb), or a fuel air bomb, potentiated by
the initial explosion being compressed by taking place in the 
aluminum-reinforced fiberglass box on a 24ft Rider Truck?

It's possible, pilgrim. Merely *possible*.

2. The addition of Nitromethane and Anhydrous Hydrazine has
really nagged at me. Has anyone investigated the backgrounds of
any of the peripheral players in this little clambake? Do any of
them have any experience in Drag Racing or Sprint Car Racing,
especially in the late '60s and early '70s? This is kinda arcane and
specific knowledge, tied to a specific era in motorsports, and can
certainly be used to neck down the focus of any honest inspection
of circumstances and players. Lemme put it to you this way: I
would eat my hat if this combination wasn't offered up as a plan by
someone who didn't have specialized information and experience.

Like in Drag Racing. In the '60s and '70s.

Full Stop.

So there you go, just a little off the top of my head about
something that has been nagging me about all of this, for quite a
while. Perhaps some of the sleuths can illuminate the above, either
in favour or against. Makes no never mind to me.

Subj: Re: "Anhydrous Hydrazine" or "Nitromethane near McVeigh"
Date: 5/23/01 5:47:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Subject:  many - many - many  little details.
A broad overview.
Any and all additives added to the ANFO'S, which is Ammonium nitrate [fertilizer] and kerosene was Relative.  The alkalinity or high pH mixture of the original 1200 pound bomb which was later upped to 4000 pounds of fertilizer  [pH-12] which would  have been hot, even to the touch. Under analysis, according to the bomb experts, their experience was that as a kerosene like compound is more prone to Burn rather than Explode. The use of military plastic explosives such as PETN Or Anhydrous Hydrazine / Nitromethane, are also alkaline pH type chemicals, which in theory was the igniter or fuse for a "chain reaction" which occurred in the atmosphere directly over the Murrah Federal building and OKC.  Evidence of two or more blasts which are clearly shown in the OK Geological survey, depict two seismologist blips @ 9:02 13 seconds and a second wave at 9:02 23 seconds, with the second blast off the chart; as a flat wave explosion with the usual surge then sag, caught a 5.2 / 6.0  +/-  Richer Seismograph wave at the exact time of the detonation @ ground zero. The tons or pounds of a fertilizer bomb that would have been necessary to cause this # 2 seismograph reading  as calculated from a equivalency ratio to cause such an event was 40,000 tons or 80,000,000 million pounds of TNT, to equal the second blast as recorded at the University of Oklahoma Geological survey Richer Seismograph wave on April 19th, 1995 @ 9:02 and 23 seconds.
   At the time of this incident, I had been following similar explosions in China, Korea, Sari Lanki, Brazil and other countries, where for instance; in the biggest Chinese explosion, a FIREWORKS owner who had stored his fireworks in his apartment, apparently caused a very huge creator of over an acre in diameter and 60 feet deep. Korea had many multiple similar explosions but, as usual no one was paying attention to other countries problems and the Koreans were bemoaning bad luck.
This OKC incident was part of a much wider scientific investigation for which I had  been investigating from 1993 until 1997, when everything sort of calmed down. Evidence would show that certain Crop Circles, certain Air Line Disasters and the over 400 U.S. Military crashes of F-14-15-16 &17, plus a wide array of different military disasters and others world wide, that had caused the military brass to stand down the Navy and Air Force, has a much  greater significance than most people realize. The problems with the RESO [Resolution] jet engines were dealt with, the JP fuel # is now at 8 or 9 from the days of JP 4 0r 5 but, the atmosphere is ever more explosive due to the excessive pollution's from the industrial complex, now becoming world wide which burn more and more fossil fuels and synthetic additives of a free radical, hydrocarbon plastic base inorganic materials, which are not biodegradable and nature must still  buffer or neutralize these conjugated mixtures IN ATMOSPHERE the only way it can.
See, lookup, or inquire the todays -now percent air in the atmosphere - down to 17 percent from 23 %,  dropped down from 21 percent.
Was the envirionmental dammage world wide a cause of the rapid depletion of Oxygen in our atmosphere? What is replacing the O2 levels ? what about O3 ozone ?
Should human deplete the rain forests as they are doing now, where
will the Oxygen come from to make up the difference?
Many -many -many little details without any apparent answers......