NEWS! - Nibiru Billboard 

5/22/02 8:03:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, doing good work there, i made a picture comparison of that billboard and a crop circle with much similarity.
I and some colleagues have decoded quite a few crop circles now, and they seem to represent solar activity, including eclipses and planetary positions during these eclipses. (See far below for info.)
Pay much attention to the actual Nibiru crop circle i sent you a while back and have on one of your links a few weeks ago. Its the picture from 

The crop circle discussion using an email group forum; 
From: "ANON"

I found this interesting to do a little research on.  You said "eclipse" and Kim said "Saturn Mars Venus triangle", so I decided to see when and if there was an eclipse with that planetary formation. With the help of the Farmer's Almanac identified the eclipses for 2002, then ran charts on them to see if any had a trine configuration(triangle) for those planets.  The picture of the big circles, one dark and one light but not fully overlaping made me think not a full eclipse.  Well I found there is a "penumbral" (not completely overshadowed) eclipse of the moon by the sun on November 19 (there are 2 other moon eclipses May 26 and June 24 and one Sun on June 10) but the one on November 19 happens to have besides the eclipse of sun and moon, a trine (triangle) between Saturn Venus and Mars!

What does it mean, I don't know, I can do a chart and interpret it, but why a crop circle---is that an important date?????

"The vibration of the number 19 is "The Prince of Heaven"  considered to be one of the most fortunate and favorable of all Compound numbers. It is symbolized as the Sun, and is called the Prince of Heaven because it indicates victory over all temporal failure and disappointment.........." From Linda Goodman's Star Signs

Just conjecture, no opinion
Part 2;
I'm on a role now, since you and Kim clued me about possibly being planets and eclipses in the "picture"  I went out to the site again and was browsing for other crop circles to see if any more equated with eclipse.  I found an earlier one they had on there made in April, see site below.  This one looked like a full eclipse with two small planets conjunct within the "circle" of the eclipse.  So again I went to the Farmers Almanac and found there will be only one full solar eclipse this year, then the REALLY BIG SHOW......I ran a chart for the eclipse date, it is Dec. 3 in UK and Dec. 4 early AM over here on Paciific Coast, and using Sidereal or the kind like in India, which doesn't use signs but uses constellations, found the eclipse was in the constellation Scorpio, with two small planets conjunct in Scorpio next to the sun and moon in full eclipse within the eclipse you might say as in the picture, being Pluto and Mercury.  What are the odds of that???!!!

I feel like the guy on stargate when he figured out the configuration on the stargate being constellations and points in space that could be triangulated------.  There is spiritual geometry, I'm no expert on it, but have the utmost respect for it, because I know you need it to go through space or time or matrixes-----I'm babeling because I don't know yet what it means, but mean to continue looking at crop circles, now that you all gave me an insight on them.  How did you figure that it was those planets Kim???