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<< Kent:
As to the debris images from June 9-10 that I had forwarded to you
originally, it is very unlikely that they could have originated from
Mars. The distance between Earth and Mars is nearly at its maximum and
physical "debris" would have to have been moving at unbelievable speeds.
Additionally, "physical debris" would have been subject to the normal
gravitational effects of the solar system and not taken a short cut
across the plain of the solar system but have followed a curved

Had the "debris" been physical debris, more than likely ESA would have
shut the outer doors on the imagers to protect them from damage and we
would have had no images.

More than likely these were and are, high energy particles that set off
the CCD detectors, high speed photons, some protons and neutrons.

Now on to orbs. Hate to burst bubbles (haha) but these are just water
condensate on the lens of the camera. I get them all the time when I
take a warm camera into a air conditioned environment and forget to
clean the lens before a shoot. you can also get the reverse, when you
take a cold camera from inside an air conditioned environment out to a
warm humid environment. I have seen shots like those posted hundreds of
times. That's why they are always out of focus and have no "depth".

More later

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Only puzzle, these ORB people say they see these with their eyes, in fact, gulp, I HAVE, wild story, was in a Native American sweat lodge. The elders claimed they were ancestral. Made sounds like Daisy Duck, closest I can describe, whirring-whizzing. Show up quite commonly during sweat and Inipi ceremonies. Also saw the orbs when my Great Aunt died, couldn't figure out what was going on until I got the phone call from Utah. Needless to say it floored me.

Seen the golden haze too. Was kicking back in my easy chair watching TV, suddenly spinal chills which went up into my head, everything fuzzed out into a haze, gold-pink, could see through closed eyes. Super-conscious state that seemed to come from external source. Was not just me either, my daughter saw it, and ran into her room to duck under the covers. Seen this ethereal haze come up out in the woods too, not moisture, but plasma, electrical.

As to the debis, agree, but whether particles or nuclear elements, same thing, seems like debris to me, no need for chunks.



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Thanks for posting the information I sent you.

Here's what I have to say...

I hate to burst your little safe bubble, but these kind of pictures have been taken in a number of different conditions (hot, cold, indoor, outdoor with lens cleaned) with film and video as well. Test photos taken with dust on the lens. Sorry to say to naysayers, no orblike phenomena. I also know the difference between moisture droplets and these things. I also have other inside RHIC photos with no orbs showing.

One other thing why would we expect an energy phenomena to have a great deal of depth, especially if they appear to have a certain boundary to them?

Remember I also wrote that I have seem these things in real time "3D" with my own eyes. Or I could have been hallucinating...Not! I'm also not the only one who has seen these buggers.

But, then again, I'm not asking you to believe me.


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People see a lot of things and I was in no way trying to insinuate that they
don't. But they cannot POST what they see, only what they photograph.
Unfortunately, the orbs posted look exactly like water on a lens and do not prove
the existence of anything. Now video tape of the same anomaly, showing motion of
the anomaly would be another matter since water droplets on a lens stay
relatively in the same place on the lens.

Let me just say that we have 50 years of photographs of Unidentified Flying
Objects and they are still Unidentified Flying Objects. That doesn't mean they
don't exist, that people are not seeing them and that they may not be any myriad
of things, it just means that we do not have a concrete example sitting in a
museum for all to see and understand.

These orbs may very well be interdimentional probes for all I know, but they have
done an excellent job of looking like a water drop on a lens. So more information
is needed until we can conclude they are otherwise.

The object of my post is not to be argumentative, but to solicit better
information and proofs.


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I was, at first, shy about writing about this. But now, healthy debate, bring
it on.

Kind of you to reply...The Hudson valley in New York state is filled with
legends of strange lights etc. Recently I went on a series of hikes to
megalithic sites (stone chambers, standing stones, huge walls, settlements,
and dolmens)in the area that are looking more and more of Celtic/Druidic
origin. These are places of great antiquity, it seems and are aligned on the
grid and with each other. Many are well preserved and many are destroyed or
defiled. These sites have been known for such phenomena. Nimham mountain is
rife with stories of multi-colored orbs floating/flying around the mountain.

I also have gone out with Bryan Williams to Wanaque, NJ (about a 15 min. ride
from where I live now), where sightings and photos were plentiful. I got to
see one of the red ones floating over Bryan's head while he was taking a
picture of me and any possible orbs.

I have gotten them in Orlando. I've gotten them in Rye, NY.
I have also photographed them in San Francisco. There is a funny coincidence
on the night of the day that I took those. There was a UFO sighting which I
missed by a hair.

I was just read an article by Barbara Marciniak on this very subject.

As for the energy in the photos. I don't get a good feeling about it. It has
a sickly look to it. Those pictures were taken in the actual accelerator
itself. It was supposedly inactive at the time. Residual energy from the
first test, maybe?