Subj: New Posts
Date: 6/15/00 5:57:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Have been reading with great interest some of the latest mail you have
received as well as the archived material.

Some items of note:

Sun's magnetic field. Its still there and our daily viewing of C2 and C3
and the distinctive loops and curves of solar flares indicate its

May I suggest readers research the REAL half Californium and Berkelium.
Also research what it would take to CREATE just one OZ of each.

The sun is doesn't have H2, the sun fuses H to make He. H2 IS He.
Someone is confusing the H2 in H2O as Hydrogen. It takes 2 Hydrogen
atoms and one Oxygen to make water. Fuse two H(1) and you get Helium.
Helium is inert and does not bound with Oxygen (see stable states in
your basic chem. book).

For sleuths, solve this equation (earth's magnetic field at the poles +
high energy particle output from the sun during solar maximum) times
(high energy particles times their absorption rate in ozone) = X.

Clues are funnel and stripping electrons

Have fun all...