FRIEND: mornin...
BARDSQUILL: yessssss
FRIEND: sound like a snake salty dog
BARDSQUILL: figured that one out, yessiree, been up all night
FRIEND: what did you figure out
BARDSQUILL: sneaky snake be salty, yessssss
BARDSQUILL: forgot now
BARDSQUILL: oh yessss
FRIEND: you booger
FRIEND: come on tell
BARDSQUILL: DS1 the ion drive deep space super craft...
BARDSQUILL: mission:
FRIEND: yeah
BARDSQUILL: DS1 is a New Millennium technology-validation mission that will fly by Asteroid 3352 McAuliffe and Comet P/West-Kohoutek-Ikemura.
BARDSQUILL: The two principal instruments on the mission are a
Miniature Integrated Camera and Spectrometer (MICAS), provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and a Plasma Experiment for Planetary Exploration (PEPE), provided by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).
FRIEND: yeah, go on
BARDSQUILL: Now here's where it gets cornfusing, figures
BARDSQUILL: main target of USAs most advanced ion-drive startrek spacecraft was the comet by Mars, arrival June 2000
BARDSQUILL: where it was gonna do some kinda Los Alamos designed experiment
FRIEND: keep goin
BARDSQUILL: Of course Los Alamos is known for KAHHHHHBOOOM
BARDSQUILL: Alamos sorta been in the news lately, eh, EH?
FRIEND: yes it has
FRIEND: go on, know your imagination has taken it to some sort of conclusions
BARDSQUILL: But, just before DS1 took off they announced that they decided NOT to go see the comet, ahem, right.
FRIEND: this i do not recall
BARDSQUILL: piss poor attempt to divert
FRIEND: i remember there were problems with the propulsion system
BARDSQUILL: Did DS1 continued onward with mission? Briefs show midcourse decisions to GO:
BARDSQUILL: In fact they checked out Mars last November
BARDSQUILL: Among the information returned were infrared observations DS1 made of the planet Mars in November. The results of scientists' analyses of those data will be
described in the next status report.
FRIEND: hmmmm
BARDSQUILL: They also upgraded the navigation system in-flight
FRIEND: keep going ,
FRIEND: conclusion?
BARDSQUILL: But engineers saw a hope for rejuvenating the distant craft to allow it to continue its solar system journey.
BARDSQUILL: By redesigning it with new computer programs, the team has developed a method to have the camera replace the star tracker.
BARDSQUILL: So, think Millennium Group is correct--the DS1 KEPT the RENDEZVOUS.
BARDSQUILL: deployed the Los Alamos plasma experiment, described..
BARDSQUILL: DS1's mission was to test these important, high-risk
technologies in order to reduce the cost and risk of future science missions.
FRIEND: do you have a clue as to what these technologies are
FRIEND: must involve new energy source.... for weapons and space travel , no?
BARDSQUILL: Which I think proly means, although they claim it was detection gismos only, but I think they did what Los Alamos buckaroos have always done best...they blew the crap outta the comet, so, ta da, comet is GONE!
FRIEND: hence los alamos connection
FRIEND: what about, if thes is so, the debris from the comet , we are not that far off from mars
BARDSQUILL: plenty o debris everywhere that's for sure
FRIEND: o yeahhhh, that new fangled stuff they be doing gobbles everything up
FRIEND: you think they figured out how to control the gobble
BARDSQUILL: breakin alltime debris record
FRIEND: well , certainly alot of meteorites lately
FRIEND: how could they destroy a well know comet like that and astronomers world wide not notice it was missing
FRIEND: wrench in the works?
BARDSQUILL: ain't there
BARDSQUILL: gone, no comet
FRIEND: are you sure
BARDSQUILL: nope, but should show on C3, nada
BARDSQUILL: soon see Mars up close on C2
BARDSQUILL: Here's the big KAHBOOM debris movie
BARDSQUILL: everything looks swell then suddenly junk everywhere
BARDSQUILL: oddly, debris corresponded with Brooky firing up too, so gets a bit cornfusing as to what is what in the KAHBOOM corner.
BARDSQUILL: maybe there was an earth leg to the fancy plasma experiment, plasma physics is durned strange quantum-head, non-locality theory.
FRIEND: will take a wee bit to load
BARDSQUILL: tell you what though Los Alamos in a big slam right now, weird, weird.
FRIEND: think they are playin us for fools, they don't even worry about what we think anymore
BARDSQUILL: lot of intrigues within intrigues
FRIEND: we are no longer needed
FRIEND: they do as they please
BARDSQUILL: well those bozos do have a way of screwing up all the details to keep us hoppin
BARDSQUILL: but all at once what do we have, we have, Brookhaven-Los Alamos-DS1, Kohoutek stuff all happening at once. Must be some equation to tie this all together, eh?
FRIEND: what is that going behind the sun right before the snow storm
FRIEND: venus?
FRIEND: mars?
FRIEND: mercury??
FRIEND: in mpg i am viewing
FRIEND: going to download this mpg so i can view it frame by frame , opens up on quicktime so i am unable to view it that way
BARDSQUILL: Oh, in the Plasma weirdness equation we shouldn't forget that danged torpedo neither.
FRIEND: salty dog, can you send me a file of that debris movie
FRIEND: what torpedo
BARDSQUILL: the torpedo last month
BARDSQUILL: went into the sun
BARDSQUILL: sun/4-29andet6.gif
BARDSQUILL: sent movie
FRIEND: thanks