Subj: sleuth? brookhaven radar - radial velocity
Date: 6/14/00 7:01:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Is this you Mr. Steadman?

This is Chad - a regular at yahoo's Chemtrail Tracking
USA group -

I was looking for radar images like you do -
especially around Brookhaven -

Actually - my Media One cable/microwave hybrid tv
reception is pulsing in and out at one second
intervals -

If you look at the standard Base Reflectivity Loops
that we have all been following - it is all green -
all is well , etc -

Suppose they tweaked the radar so the rings do not
show from their location ...

Check out these Radial Velocity images from today -

First Brookhaven "regular NEXRAD"

Now - the "Storm Tracker" Radial Velocity Image

Blowing west?

(my tv is still pulsating) - it stopped doing it just
before 9pm edt

But No Storm ...

If they get updated down the memory hole I saved them