Subj: Saucer in Michigan
Date: 6/14/00 6:57:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Yesterday about 10:00 EDT there was an object (appearing to be circular with lights around) above US 31 in Niles, Michigan just sort of hovering. Cars were definately slowing down and starting to pull off the road before it suddenly took off. I had my car windows down and didn't hear any peculiar noise. This morning the neighborhood was awakened by a jack hammer at about 7:00 (ugh) and as neighbors gathered to complain, people were asking each other if they had heard about the 'saucer'. The wierdest part of the whole scene, personally, was that I feel TOTALLY calm and sort of blase about it?

At our recent garage sale I spoke to a very sweet older woman who purchased some of my books. She said I had a varied reading habit and asked what I was now reading. Talk soon turned to UFOs and she told me that 'youngsters' think they have the corner on such experiences. She said you just 'didn't talk about such things in her day or they'd lock you up, but almost everyone she knows has seen 'something funny'. She told me she had seen UFOs 3 times in her life. The first was on a back road by Galien, Michigan in l943 with her entire family. A lighted object stopped their car and turned off their lights before shining a big light on them and flying off. The second was at Waco beach near Bridgeman Michigan where a craft seems to just fly into the water in l949. (Your typical Waco Beach fare where legend abounds about an underwater base at the southern end of Lake Michigan.) And lastly, in l956, on US 12, between Galien and Three Oaks with her husband, brother, and a friend who worked at the Pentagon. The Pentagon worker said "Oh, yea, it's just a UFO".

Reporting from Michigan- I 'be'.