Subj: Sri Babaji has foretold
Date: 6/12/00 5:27:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Namaste... This is rhonda from ft worth - hanging out in the hills, in Eureka Springs Arkansas w/ mind blown into smithereeens w/ all
the goings on, chanting mantra & praying that this mortal body is ready to walk through a sky of raining fire has Sri Babaji has foretold us to
prepare for ... was supposed to have gone back to Fort Worth. This is what happened when i checked into the Holiday Inn here last night -
thinking we'd leave for home today after some sight seeing, etc.

I had seen the news on ORBIT Sunday morning (11th) & felt concern but "rationally calm" that maybe not such a big deal. Decided to buy a
major Sunday paper last night w/ thought that if there was anything about asteroid/NASA, etc, then that would be a sign.
I am writing this from an INTERNET CAFE.... pretty weird.

Well, this was on page 3 w/ nice painting depiction of what impact would have looked like in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette Sunday 6-11:
STUDY DETAILSDOOMSDAY ASTEROID by Robert Boyd - Knight Ridder News
"... it was hell on earth -- blackened skies, poisonous rain, raging wildfires, monster floods, and windstorms, shattering earthquakes...." & " a
fireball consumed everything for hundreds of miles around. .. a literal rain of fire."

Talk about timing, hummm - quite interesting developments. Sure that you are being hammered w/ info at this point & things are whirling like
a turkish dervish there.

Will keep in touch as best i can if have info of use.
Blessings - rhonda

did you get my email re the horse, ET & ram images in flares posted over weekend?
PS - next to that BIG article was; US Concluding EgyptAir 990 Inquiry by Matthew Wald of New York Times. Also read article about scan
tags being put in everything Military... will try to find the source & send if you want it.. paper is at hotel now.