Space rock drops in


A METEOR as bright as the Sun was seen over north central Victoria on
Saturday, heading for earth.

Gary Gibson, research director at the Melbourne-based Seismology
Research Centre, said he saw the meteor and was astounded by its speed
and brightness.
He has since been contacted by several people who saw it and felt it,
presumably hitting the earth.

They believed there had been an earthquake.

Mr Gibson said the meteor, which he saw at 5.24pm, was visible for only
about three seconds but left a vapor trail which remained in the sky for
almost 10 minutes.

"The sun was still up and it was as bright as the sun, it was just
amazing," he said.

"It started off looking like the vapor train of an aircraft, but instead
of going horizontally it was clearly going downwards.

"I thought, `Oh that doesn't look good' but it came down at such a rate
it could not possibly have been an aircraft."

The meteor may have been part of a shower seen by walkers in northern
Tasmania, who at first thought a light aircraft was in distress.

The walkers said the bright meteor was visible for 20 minutes.