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Date: 6/10/00 9:44:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent Read this on the msg board wondering the truth behind it . Love your

Something is very wrong; NASA silent

Posted by ANON


Something is very wrong regarding comet 76P. NASA knows of the public
interest in this comet yet has been silent
about it's encounter with Mars. NASA knows something and they are not
telling us. Not one press release about
the encounter this week, not any that I can find. All access to
information is shut off.

As wild as it may seem, here's what I believe has happened:

I believe comet 76P was discovered to be on a near-miss course with Mars
four years ago. I believe NASA
discovered, shortly thereafter, that the gravitational pull of Mars
would cause the comet to alter course. I believe
NASA learned the course alteration would cause the comet to be directed
into Earth's orbit. I believe that with that
knowledge the government launched Titan Missiles toward Mars to deflect
the comet away from Mars and therein
the government intended for the comet to enter a course not consistent
with Earth's orbit.

I believe this past week the government detonated the warheads on the
Titan Missiles which were aimed at an
encountering comet 76P. I believe that the energy released from those
warheads caused an explosion which sent a
shock wave, of great strength, toward the sun and the sun reacted by
releasing very large CMEs. I do not believe
NASA or the government expected the sun to have any impact at all.

I also believe comet 76p was hit and broke into large pieces. And I
believe that at least one of those large pieces
entered Mar's gravitational pull, the course was altered and the large
pieces of comet were flung into earths orbit. I
believe NASA is currently aggressively conducting studies to learn if
the larger pieces will impact on earth.

And, since the President will hold news conferences about space
exploration and NASA next week in Washington, I
believe the President will address the nation and provide study results
at that time to the world, although I doubt
the full truth will be told.

And I believe you will soon, within a week, see National Guard units
called to duty, quietly, to position themselves
for civil unrest. Other governments may also be taking active rolls
starting within days.

That's what I believe. This weekend I replenishing all of my y2k

I believe something is very wrong, and I intend to get ready right now.