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Posted By: The Club
Date: Saturday, 13 May 2000, at 2:32 a.m.

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The following information on Radar Rings comes from


It has been almost 3 years since we came across an anomaly that appears
on NEXRAD and Doppler radar servers over the internet. We were searching
for information on weather control. These images appear as perfect
symmetrical circles --- or parts thereof.

What categorizes this as an anomaly is the energy increases as it heads
out toward the outer circumference of the circle. We have documented
numerous activities associated with this phenomena. Here are a few

+ On October 15, 1999 as Hurricane Floyd sat off the coast of Florida a
radar ring anomaly emitting a signal from Birmingham, Alabama pushed
Floyd away from Florida and up the east coast.

+ On the night of JFK Jr's plane crash, a radar ring anomaly appeared in
the flight path where his plane went down.

+ Pine Ridge, S Dakota during the events in question had this anomaly
present for 3 weeks, sometimes three times a day...interrupting
communications and possibly causing physiological alterations, for the
discussions turned ugly.

+ On October 16, 1999 a 7.0 quake occurred at Joshua Tree after a ring
anomaly had appeared daily for about 6 days.

+ On March 28, 2000 an F2 (a75+mph) tornado hit Ft Worth after a ring
anomaly had appeared at Cannon AFB for 3 days prior and during a storm
passage through west Texas, having been strengthened by it.

+ May 10, 2000 ring anomaly, appearing at Area 51, flat spotted the jet
stream pushing down through the nw and plains areas, dumped snow in N
California,, Idaho and Nevada. Ironically enough, fires in New Mexico
around and near Los Alamos Labs were fueled by high winds on said night.

+ Also noted that anomalies have strengthened systems to cause flooding
and broken up others to cause drought.

Above examples are -one of each- phenomena we have noted...Many more
archived on our webpage URL included here.

After researching locations of the epicenters of these anomalies, we
have found that at least 80% can be pinpointed on USAF bases. Upon
further research we have also discovered that GWEN is also located on
the very same USAF bases.

NEXRAD radar sites also share many of the same locations.

CORS - a GPS / GWEN/ NEXRAD triangulation system, that is never turned
off, is also located in most of these locations!

If you overlay maps of CORS, GWEN, NEXRAD, USAF and other military
bases, you will find that 90% of all sites listed are the same.

It has been reported that HAARP and GWEN may have the potential for
weather control. It is no coincidence that the USAF has their "Owning
The Weather

By 2025" idea out for public consumption.

Recently, s system dubbed HIPAS - working side by side with HAARP speaks
of back beating VHF and ELF waves together. The process of back beating
was explained to me by a former Navy / CG electronics expert. It was
used by HAM operators by sending a signal then shortly after sending
that same signal on top of the previous signal thereby extending the
range and strengthening it the further it goes out. In the beginning of
this post, I explained that the radar anomalies have this property.

We have not been able to determine what technology this is or what the
signal is, although going by NEXRAD and Doppler we know the decibel
strength of many we have documented. We also have a theory that HAARP,
CORS / GPS, GWEN, NEXRAD (either one or all) and a satellite in orbit is
causing this phenomena.

Noted and documented physiological effects... Several people we have
spoken with seem to have these effects: Headaches, emotional changes (
sudden anger or depression), sleep pattern changes ( sudden
onset,extended periods of...) nausea, stomach upsets, etc.

In conclusion, we can safely say - based upon this evidence- these
anomalies can and have altered the weather, electronics, people & caused
earth quakes. There is more than enough information on weather & mind
control and electronics interference and man made earthquakes. Could
this be our culprit? We think so.

Here is the link to the Club -- pull it up and take a look --- Newest
ring straddling border of Mississippi and Louisiana -- What will happen
in these states?

Technology of Control

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