Subj: Watcher of the East
Date: 5/25/00 10:08:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Aldebaran is a great red giant, forming the smoldering red eye of the
Bull. The precise English translation of Aldebaran is: "Follower (of the
Pleiades)." Ironically, it's also called the "Leading Star of Stars" as
it was the first of the Four Guardians or Watchers of Heaven - sentinels
or overseers of other stars. Aldebaran is the Watcher of the East and is
also associated with the Archangel Michael (military commander of the
Heavenly Host). Further connections link these four stars with the Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse…hmmm…

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Sun moves into a
conjunction with Aldebaran (5/30) as it did with the Pleiades (5/21).
The fact that we can actually witness these unfolding alignments through
the eyes of SOHO is an incredibly awesome thing. Never in recorded
history have mortals been able to witness celestial events in such close
proximity to the Sun. It's Promethean!