Subj: It is called "Ascension"
Date: 5/10/00 7:41:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

OK, here we go....(deep breath)

From a religious/metaphysical point of view, synopsizing ideas I have
garnered from many different sources over the past 42 years, on around
April 29, 2000 an energy window of opportunity opened that will remain
open until May 12, 2000. This could be what you are calling
'stargate'. This is the culmination of the 9 month energetic
'gestation' period which started with the August 11, 1999 solar

Much etheric energy is currently flowing into our Earth system. This
energy is being carefully directed and managed to effect gentle changes
here within this planet, rather than catastrophe. The doom and gloom
predictions (eg Revelations) have been averted but much work still
remains to be done to complete the defusing of the planetary
selfdestruct sequence.

Some call it the "Christ" energy. As in "second coming".

This is also occurring on an individual level. Many people are
experiencing 'phantom death' events, which are indication of passing
through their pre-destined time of death into the New Reality. Many
others are simply choosing to leave. Practically everyone is
experiencing massive changes in their lives.

Last year's preoccupation with the Y2K bug was an indicator of this
transition. When most core software was written back in the 1980's,
subconsciously the authors frankly did not expect to be here past AD
2000, so it was not written to accomodate the change in century date.
When it became known that we had sucessfully passed the marker into the
New Earth, it suddenly became necessary to upgrade everything.

Fixing the Y2K bug is a metaphor for much work that is also going on
with our physical bodies and our RNA/DNA sequencing to change our
original genetic programming which contained a self-destruct aspect.
Most work is done during sleep. This is why you may be waking up
feeling more tired than when you went to bed lately. Sore joints and
flu-like symptoms are also indicators of this body work...ringing in
the (usually) left ear..

We have now sucessfully passed through the self-destruct marker. This
is the beginning of the opportunity to raise ourselves into the next
level of existence. It is the level of non-judgement. Ego is
relinquishing to Spirit. These are the characteristics of the Old vs.
the New Earth:


Old Earth Law New Earth Law

Law 1. Law of Death Law 1. Law of Compassion

Law 2. Law of Suffering Law 2. Law of Harmony

Law 3. Law of Pain Law 3. Law of Peace

Law 4. Law of Fear Law 4. Law of Love and Divine Union

Law 5. Law of Judgment Law 5. Law of Forgiveness

Law 6. Law of Greed Law 6. Law of Abundance

Law 7. Law of Lust Law 7. Law of Honor


Ego Negative Ego Spirit

Controls Relinquishes Control Allows

Manipulates Sabotages Supports

Creates Destroys Co-Creates with God

Superior Inferior Equal to All Others

Male Energy Female Energy God/Goddess Energy

Lives in the Past Lives in the Future Lives in the Now

This is where we are headed. The old energies of lack, judgement,
power and control are waning. Their last stands are now painfully
obvious in Yugoslavia, Cuba, North Korea, Zimbawe....Even those not
conscious or skeptical of these things are finding themselves caught up
in it. It is a part of the Plan to wake everyone up as to who we
really are and why we are really here.

We are surrounded by many, many entities, all working on this project,
which is truly coming to a head now. Individuals may and should tap
into this energy to effect needed changes in their lives.

This appears sometimes as chaos and can be very disconcerting, eg last
week's suspension of ABC programming by Time-Warner, this week's Love
Bug... Above all else, know we are in good hands, so have no
of the apparent chaos. The Elohim, Archangels Michael and
Metatron are overseeing this work. Many extraterrestrials wait eagerly
in the wings for their part to begin.

The energy shield work you describe at Giza is a metaphor for the
energy pyramid currently surrounding the Earth. It took form and
became activated on Easter Sunday. It has been seen in visions by many
people I know, eg

and has appeared in 2 of the 3 crop circles that have appeared so far
in England this season

The solar activity I described is an indicator of this etheric energy
work. Most scientific and engineering instruments are not sensitive to
the higher energies, by that I mean not only high in the EM spectrum eg
Xray, but other-vibrational, etheric energies, what some term 'higher
dimensional' energies. It is analagous to detecting the two component
wave form of electro-magnetic radiation as described in the Maxwell
equations...what I am saying is there are more than two components.
The equations are incomplete.

However, if the existing data were to be examined, correlational
evidence of this higher energy flux would be deduced. Someone should
apply an FFT to the solar Xray data, for example.

These are wondrous, legendary times we live in, Kent, Many, many
entities have travelled from all corners of the universe to witness
what will transpire here.

Blessings to you...