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Hi Kent.

It is possible that, by torpedo launchings, somebody is activating CMEs artificially in order to impede the possibility of their propagation in our direction and to diminish their magnitude.

All the best.

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> Hmmm,
> I've thought of this too.
> Wonder if there is any possible way to find a clue towards this possibility?
> Any ideas?
> Kent

Hi Kent

Writing this (2000/05/01,20:30 CET), I am watching a report of ongoing, spectacular, eruption of mount Etna volcano on Italian Radio Television (RAI) network's principal TV News.

This brings to my mind a number of the early interviews of Mayor Ed Dames, ex President of PSI Tech Inc., on Art bell show, (starting from 1997.), stating that the TRV results indicated that the series of CMEs, which shall hit the Earth in near future, shall be induced artificially. As a timeframe of this event was given a lunch of ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead from North to South Korea, during a peace negotiations. Few weeks ago was held first, direct preparatory meeting between this two countries.
In more recent interviews, Mr. Dames frequently stated that the presence of classical, positive angel figures, was an important element in his work and that what is approaching is the time of the harvest of souls.
RV founder, Mr. Ingo Swan, stated that the Marian prophecies should be taken for real.

David Oates in reverse speech analysis indicate that Mr. Dames is genuine in his concerns.

Publicly available elements of Fatima and Garabandal prophecies described rather well last century events. They also point at the nature of the current World Control Matrix and their description of the future events is rather consistent with other documents of similar nature (mother Siphon).

Interesting World View is exposed on site which offers the thesis that the 309.000 years old World Control Matrix was imposed on 4th density level STO human-like beings, after they accepted STS soul matrix principle and, because of that, confined themselves to the 3rd density earth where they serve as food for 3rd and 4th level STS beings. Similar was the view of Carlos Castenada.
Cassiopaeans, the STO beings from 6th density level, who manage the wholeness of this experiment, say that the only way to escape another 309.000 years of recycling in STS soul mode is to learn all about our reality and to freely chose the STO soul matrix principle again in order to be able to develop further, above this density level. The problem is that the only occasion to achieve this is the gravitational wave incoming in next 18 years or earlier.
4th level STS cannot reside in 3rd density so they are using robotic beings and STS humans to control STS humans and attain total control of the 3rd density earth before the dimensional shift occurs. In 4th density such control cannot be easily imposed.
As 4th density level STO beings, able to operate in the 3rd density level also and interested in human welfare are indicated the Nordics.

All the best.