Subj: clues from that mysterious email
Date: 5/2/00 8:25:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time

23:08:08 | Trying to get to the clouds.


23:10:29 | There should be butnol in the lines of Hudson's lines

| & they see some bubbles in the lines. This causing a

| concern. Hudson is not onboard.


23:11:25 | Consequentl, we will limit our flight manauvers

"butnol".....that's interesting.....

Let's look in our handy book o' chemicals and see if there is
anything on this animal. Hummmm, not that exact word, but, maybe this is
a misspelling. Oh look! here's one that's pretty damn close...
"Butanol". Butanol has a strong solvent power and is valued where a low
evaporation rate is desired. Boy isn't that interesting!

Solvent power?

What is a solvent?

A solvent is: any liquid in or by which a substance can be

So they are trying to dissolve something. We can assume that it
is a solid. We might even assume it is Barium Titanate!

Are we getting warm yet?

They are also having problems with the altitude or the pumps
that they are using. They seem to have difficulty in keeping their
solvent stable. The altitude would cause this low evaporation solvent to
become a high evaporative solvent. What do you think might happen if one
of those lines of Butanol were to spring a leak. Most solvents are
flammable. This one is derived from Normal butyl alcohol. We can assume
the plane would go boom in the event of such an accident. Also they may
be creating a cavitational effect with the pumps they are using. To much
of a vacuum.

Now why would you want to dissolve a substance while flying a

Could it be to more easily disperse the substance?

This would be like spreading melted butter as opposed to a solid
stick of butter.

There is another reason to do this. If you had a substance that
was solid and of a certain density it would fall to earth's surface much
faster than if it were to be broken down into smaller pieces. By
dissolving the substance you can get a better "hang time". It will float
in the air much longer. It will still fall, but not as fast. It will
also be carried by the wind a further distance.

Gee, i wonder if this would have an effect on preexisting

(P.S. "Knight pummels Bishop.")