Subj: Ken Edgett: Lake on Mars Latitude 24.65°, Longitude, 207.10° (MGS)
Date: 6/22/00 9:39:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Stephanie:

If possible, please forward to Mr. Edgett

Ken Edgett Lake on Mars Latitude 24.65°, Longitude, 207.10° (MGS)
Lake on Mars


Kent Steadman
Instructor, retired, Fresno City College, Fresno, CA

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Subj: martian lake

Date: 5/19/99 7:43:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Jenny Blue (GD.Flagstaff)



Dear Mr. Steadman,

Ms. Annie Bennett forwarded your email to me because I am responsible for managing the database containing planetary names. I'm afraid that the naming process is long, involved and rather strict. You can read about the rules and regulations of the process on the web site which contains the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

If you have any questions about the naming process after looking at the web site, please feel free to write.

Best regards,

Jennifer Blue

Subj: Re: martian lake

Date: 5/19/99 2:34:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Phikent



CC:, Phikent


Attention Jennifer Blue:

Dear Ms Blue:

I'm just an ordinary citizen that found in the MGS MOC Mars images a lake, highly reflective and watery--well it looks like a lake! So I named the wondrous artifact, "Lake Steadman," thinking of my Dad, a great fisherman.

Also I published my findings, notes, dates of discovery and enhancements to the Internet and proudly sent notice to everybody I know.


I'm an artist, and therefore I took some liberties in visualizing the significance of the artifact, even seeing a wild resemblance in features along the cliffs to the great Egyptian temple Abu Simbel. Perhaps this is too much the imagination, but then I would cite as kindred, Lowell, Sagan, others, all in my opinion great dreamers as well as dedicated researchers.

I have received encouragement from Kathy Kasten, UCLA, to contact yourselves, also received other support such as:

5/13/99 4:36:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent: Great find. The lake deserves your name or that of your father. I studied Mars prior to going into our national space program, but nothing like this. Congratulations. Clark McClelland, Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Wouldn't it be an awesome idea for NASA to recognize ordinary folks as partners in discovery? What a great handshake that would be!

I could use some help please. If you have any forms that need to be filled out I'd be most grateful if you would forward to:

Kent M. Steadman