Subj: Radar Rings and "Wands Of Horus"
Date: 4/30/00 2:07:25 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent Steadman,
It seems to be common knowledge in Russia that "energy" shows up in Radar:

"Using radar installations working in the centimetre band located at distances of 60, 32 and 30 kilometres from the 22-metre pyramid situated at the village of Khitino near Ostashkov (between Moscow and Novgorod) a radar scan was made of the space around the vertical axis of the pyramid.The study revealed the presence of a column-like energy structure up to2000 metres in height and 500 metres in width following the vertical axis of the pyramid. The height of the column was constantly varying between800 and 2000 metres."
The Wands ofHorus,Appendix10

Weather Radar indeed operates in the centimetre band:
Good Weather Radar FAQ anyway.

Would be most interesting what Russian scientists had to say about radar rings.