Subj: Re: ALERT: Solar Torpedo Ongoing event
Date: 4/29/00 7:50:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Marcia Peters)
Reply-to: (Marcia Peters)


Kent -

I downloaded all the 1024x1024 C3 frames from 20000428_2142 to the present
time (13:42) and built a rather large animated GIF. Note the 5.5 hour gap
between 2142 and 0418. The object is not readily apparent on the 2142 frame
but it is definitely incoming in 0418. Do you want this 8 MB animation?

Interesting to try to project time until impact. The last 1.5 hours are
missing or delayed. Oh, I see 1418 just appeared.

On my screen this sucker is moving about 2.5 mm every hour. I judge about 5
more hours until it disappears under the shadow disc (18:42) and about 8
hours from 1342 until it hits the sun itself - i.e. about 21:42 on 4/29/00.


1. A plume or ray of solar gas/plasma appears to be directly aligned with
the incoming object, and it's apparent from the very first frame.
Electrical interactions between a charged body and the solar corona?

2. Starting at 0542, there's a solar flare just emerging from the shadow
disc that appears to be directly aimed at the object. Presumably, the
electrical interactions are enough to trigger an unstable solar region to
erupt. We might expect to see more of these at it gets closer, if the
underlying solar region retains any instability.

3. Multiple objects / debris. In frame 1618 a small piece appears to break
off from the incoming object. In 1942 a second and larger piece is
apparent, only it appears to be on a different trajectory. By now both
objects are glowing brightly. Plasma? Ablation? The broken-off piece is
not visible on the next frame 10:42.

4. Tail. Starting in frame 0842 the object can be seen to have a slight
tail, which increases the closer it gets to the sun.

I'm going to go check some of the other satellite photos now. More later
if I discover anything.