Subj: Battle in the Heavens
Date: 4/23/00 6:43:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dr. Michael Wolf, whom I have mentioned often, is a
scientist-consultant who works within the Special [UFO/ET]
Studies Group of the National Security Council. He has been
designated a point-man to divulge numerous secrets the
government has been keeping derived from its contacts with
extraterrestrial intelligences. (Newcomers can read read
more about him at my website on the World Wide Web at: )
When I visited Dr. Wolf last Halloween, he insisted
that I view with him a movie on videotape, called
"Prophecy3", starring Christopher Walken. It is about two
angels come to Earth, one fallen and one of the light, who
struggle and fight to determine whether Earth will make it
to the next phase. Dr. Wolf said that what was depicted in
that movie "is indeed going on right now in the heavens."
Dr. Wolf commented that some of the cosmic intelligences we
call ETs can even more accurately be labeled angels, both
of the light (the huge majority) and the fallen (a tiny
percentage, but enough to create a disturbance that will
serve as grist-for-the-mill for the light-workers to work
You may well wish to rent this movie at the video
store, e.g. Hollywood Video, and look at it from an ET and
cosmic-spirituality perspective.
An eminent woman psychologist-researcher into ET-human
contacts recently wrote me a message with which I concur,
apropos of this discussion, "Out battles are not with other
human beings, but we are soldiers in the battle in the
heavens between good and evil." And she added most wisely,
"And it is all over, and our side won. Time doesn't mean
May you find reward, serenity, and good energy in this
season of Easter/Passover.

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