Subj: The Great Shift of May 5, 2000 (
Date: 4/22/00 9:23:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The Great Shift of May 5, 2000
The Shift to Your Light Body

KIRAEL - The Great Shift of May 5, 2000 marks the Day of Epiphany for the Earth plane when a great Light Shift will occur that will bring you out of darkness. It is a major shift for the Light Workers of the world when every Light Worker on Earth has the opportunity to shift their embodiment process to their Light Body. Your bodies will begin to lose their density, and you will begin to feel the body moving towards Light emergence. This Shift is the forerunner of the Golden Shift itself into the Fourth Dimension.

Every Light Worker on Earth has the opportunity to shift their embodiment process to their Light body.

You must be clear that each human being is in part the Creator. Each knows on another level, not discernible by the human mind, that each of you has a part to play in this process. Some of you will choose to play it from another level of consciousness, and some of you will choose to play it from this level of consciousness. But, no matter the level of consciousness, be aware that the Creator's Light is guiding the entire process.

This Shift is the first awakening of the Golden Shift process that takes you, not to the new millennium hype that transpired, but to a new and clear understanding of your own presence. It takes you to an understanding that you no longer seek for a God out in some fictitious sky, but you recognize that you are the Creator energy. In this new understanding you realize that you have a core responsibility to yourself as the Creator to create a space in time where Mother Earth and Her inhabitants can live joyously with all realms of activity; that they may intermix dimensional processes without the fear of one energy overtaking another, thereby, collectively understanding in the Light that the healing is in process, and that all become the "healed." This Shift is the celebration of celebrations. Nothing will be the same after this event.

Planetary Alignment to the Central Sun

This Shift will take the magnetic structures of the Earth plane and all the planetary systems and align them to the Central Sun of the Universe. The alignment will not be in a straight line because there will be degrees of separation in their alignment. The Earth will be at one end and all the planets including the Sun will align behind Her. The five visible planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), Earth and its moon and the Sun will line up behind each other. This alignment will create a huge magnetic pull. Multiple eclipses will occur, but you won't be able to see them as much as you'll be able to feel them.

The Central Sun of the Universe is what we in the Guidance Realm call "The Sun Energy" of all entity universes that collectively fall within the consciousness of the Creator cycle. The Creator cycle is the energy that has living pulsations for the possibility of evolution. This is what we call the "concentrated universal structure" that follows around what you refer to as the Central Sun.

This is not the first time that a planetary alignment like this has happened. However, it is the first time that you will have an alignment with the intensity that this one will have. The last time an alignment occurred this close was 2,004 years ago - the day Christ Consciousness arrived in the Signature Cell of Jesus of Nazareth.

Let me illustrate the power of the magnetic pull that will be experienced in this Shift. If you run an automobile up to 240 miles per hour and slam head-on into the side of the Grand Canyon, that will give you an idea how much magnetic pull will be generated in this Shift.

The significance of Mother Earth aligning to the Central Sun is that Earth and Her inhabitants, like all other inhabitants that are within the Central Sun's vibration, everyone within all realities will raise a vibrational level. For example, if you are operating in the 10% human brain capacity (overall most of Earth's world population operates at a 10%), by lining up to the Central Sun it will automatically raise that person's human mind at least 1.5 percentage points beyond their 10%. If you are already operating at 12%, you will gain an additional 2.4 percentage points. So, no matter where you are, you will move into a higher vibration.

This is where the Golden Shift begins, because in this alignment to the Central Sun and in raising your vibration, you can no longer view the Earth the way you have been. You can no longer view the inhabitants of your collective consciousness in the same rhetoric that you have in the past. You will literally, and I don't like these words but I have to use them, you will literally be forced to re-look, re-think and re-act to what you believe has been your Truth.

14-Day Window of Opportunity

The Great Shift of May 5, 2000 will not happen exactly on that date. It will happen over a 14-day window of opportunity (April 28-May 11). The center point of this Light Shift is midnight of May 4 at 24:00 hours.

During the 14-day window, the inhabitants of the Earth plane will have the obliged right to begin to take their physical bodies to the Light. You may leave your human force field intact, but you must realize this is the beginning stage where you can begin to become lightbodied.

The centerpoint of this 14-day window is a beautiful, beautiful energy. You can utilize it to bring your focus to the highest possible reality demanding that your 10% no longer maintain a hold on the presence that you infer as the illusionary product of the human reality. Simply make yourself go beyond.

In this 14-day window, a number of people will choose to ignite their Light. Those who activate their Light will activate Light beyond physical bearing thereby opening into the higher percentages of the brain spectrum. When you have a vibrational alignment like this, forcing your Earth plane to vibrate at a totally different segment of reality spectrum, then is the time for you to best utilize that power.

How can you activate your Light? Simply choose to ignite it. Get as deeply into meditation as you can and choose to ignite your particle of Light with your intent. Every human being has brought this Light particle with them. If you want to put a name to it, it's called "The Light of Epiphany."

The Light of Epiphany

The Light of Epiphany is not a phrase you use much on Earth. This is a Light that each human being has brought with him or her. Each of you has it, and each of you will begin a new resolve to understand creation, and thereby to understand your Creator.

I define the Light of Epiphany as the Light that you carry within you that supersedes all other particle valuation of your entire structural force of all bodied system in alignment with thought processing that has captured the value of a vibratory system called human. The Light of Epiphany leads it all, and within that Light, you focus from the God-cell itself.

Each human who ignites this Light will come to the understanding that you have been living under a guise that is no longer acceptable to the human world. Your governments and those who govern this world must come to a new awakening. They must realize that this is not a political event anymore. This is salvaging the Earth plane. This is about creating a space for continuing the Earth plane in its highest possible vibration - a space where we can live with your brothers and sisters of the Galactic worlds, where we can no longer think that one person is better than the next, where you may sit in judgment of your human brothers and sisters. For you have been taught over time that the Creator is a judgmental entity that sits and chooses whether you are right or wrong. The only thing that the God Creator has given you is enough Love and Light for you to settle your own positions, and for you to know what is right.

You have learned over the last 2,000 years that you must live in fear. You have learned that you must outdo someone else in order to gain anything from your own reality, when in fact the Creator has given you very beautiful and simple laws that you must begin to abide by in your life. These are not laws of guidance. These are not laws of some Bible written by men in a dark room 1700 years ago, nor are they laws set up so that one man may turn a whole country into a warring nation. These are laws of the Creator; laws that are set up so that you, as the Light Beings of Earth who have sometimes been lovingly referred to as Spaceship Earth, can direct your spacecraft into the new understanding, into a new awareness of Love Light.

You must come to the clarity that the one thing that has been held over your head for so long is "Do something wrong, and you will die." Death will not exist in the new energy. You will choose to move from one level, back and forth. This is the Truth. You will move back and forth at will into many different dimensional processes, but you must at all cost protect Mother Earth in the process.

So, those who are protecting your dolphin and whale brethren, will soon discover that they will be glorified in their Light, for the dolphins and whales will be the ones solely to protect you, and bring you into the Light. In the new understanding you will not live in separate worlds between the water world and the air world because they will collectively combine.

Christ Consciousness/Master Jesus

The Christ Consciousness entered the Earth plane 2,004 years ago on May 5, 4 B.C. when it came into the man called Jesus of Nazareth. That is the time when the energy pattern of Christ entered the etheric world of Jesus. The Master Jesus was Christ Consciousness from inception, although he did not activate his powers until baptized by John in the river Jordan. And, the booming voice that said, "This is my Son in whom I am well pleased," was the Creator Light formulating a vibrational pattern to sound imagery. This was the one and only time that the God Creator has spoken onto your Earth plane.

The similar planetary alignment to this one occurred 2,004 years ago when Master Jesus was brought onto the Earth plane. The brilliant star (Star of Bethlehem) was formed by the planets aligning one behind the other. They shone collectively to let it be known that the Christ Consciousness had come aboard the Earth plane and was here to stay.

The Great Shift of May 5, 2000 is a grand opportunity to activate the Light of Christ Consciousness in your life. Those who activate their Christ Light within, will activate the Light beyond the physical plane, thereby, opening into the higher percentages of your brain spectrum.

Let me share something with you that, to my knowledge, has never been shared on your Earth plane: Master Jesus lived 27 lifetimes in that single lifetime. It has never been done by a human being before or since. Usually, as a rule, the best you can hope for is to amass three or four lifetimes in one lifetime. Twenty-seven, my friends! That has never been told on your Earth plane before.

Upon the birth of Jesus, the Christ Consciousness made the decision to walk upright as a human being, and live 18 of the 27 lives through the Master Jesus. It brought Jesus the ability to learn his lesson plan. As a result, the Christ Consciousness concluded that the world could learn of the Trinity of Creation, the Light of Guidance being the Christ, and the Light of reality called the Holy Spirit. These three combined collectively enjoin a process of vibration whereby all human beings can align themselves like all other evolutionary product in other universal dimensions into a position of alignment to consciousness of creation. That's the formation.

Christ Consciousness does not separate itself from you. You are the Christ Consciousness, my friends. All human world is the Christ Consciousness. The Light of Epiphany in you is the same process as the Christ Light. Christ Consciousness has been called "seated at the right hand of the Creator." In essence, the Christ Consciousness is the right of all evolutionary societies to bask in the glory of their own enlightenment. In order for any society to evolve to a presence they have rightfully attained, they must have done it through Christ Light. Therefore, your friends from all other worlds have evolved in the presence of Christ Energy. Be clear that Christ Energy is truly not the man Jesus. It is the Light of the Creator that is designed to allow evolutionary product value to take on a space of illusionary time in order to evolve through a process of illusionary processing to re-establish itself into Creator Consciousness. Without Christ Light, you would be lost.

Earth Changes

The percentage of changes being predicted by the soothsayers of doom and gloom will not be what they are trying to get you to believe. There will be magnetic shifts in the interior aspects of Earth's tectonic plates. Their magnetic structure will shift so that when the Golden Shift arrives, the plates will turn upon themselves and have a little less devastation than what Earth was previously aligned for. And, for this, you can thank yourselves and the Light Workers of the world who have had the courage to scream at the top of their lungs "let us be centered."

The domesticated animal world will have a change in personality. I'd estimate as much as 80% of your indwelling family domesticated animals have aspects of other spirits within them. They will begin to act more human-like because as much as two-thirds of the 80% of these animals have aspects of what at one time was a human entity.

The plant life too will be susceptible to devastation because it is going to do its best to regain a DNA structure that gives it a new powerful essence allowing the planets to grow stronger and better. If not properly nurtured by Love and Light of the human world, the plants will burn themselves out almost immediately. This is another grand reason to hold as many global meditations as possible during this 14-day window. We must be prepared to Light up the plant world.

Polar Shifts and Zero Point

Critical Mass: May 3-7, 2000. Earth runs the risk of polar shifts and reaching zero point. Solution: Global Meditation.

As if you don't have many grand reasons already to hold global meditations during this 14-day window, here are two of the best - to prevent polar shifts and to prevent the Earth plane from reaching zero point.

As I said earlier, the magnetic vibrations from this planetary alignment will be profound. Earth's moon will be utilized as a sponge to absorb a lot of the vibrational energy that will come in. Then, as it rotates around the Earth plane over the next 17 months, it will deliver segments of this energy to different parts of Mother Earth.

Part of the magnetic vibration of the planetary alignment to the Central Sun will very likely affect your two poles. Great accumulations of ice at the North and South poles exist. The South Pole is over abundant at this point and breaking up, and the incoming energy from the planetary alignment will help solidify and hold some of that ice so it doesn't break up any farther than it already has. You cannot afford to have icebreakers half the size of the Americas floating around in your oceans. At this time, there is an icebreaker the size of Texas floating out there, but that's not as bad as it could have been.

Likely in this 14-day window, Mother Earth's heartbeat (Schumann resonance level) will rise to 8.8 Hz., and maybe as high as 9.0 Hz. I believe it's vibrating at this point at 7.8 Hz. (Jan. 7, 2000). If it rises to 9.0 Hz., there will be some destruction caused by some imbalance of energy spectrums within the Earth plane Herself. Therefore, some of the doom and gloom that has been forecasted may result. We in the Guidance Realm are also concerned about a surprise jump in the resonance level. We are looking at the possibility of as much as a 2.8 second jump above 9.0 Hz. If that happens, we have a major catastrophe on our hands. However, if the resonance level does not rise above 8.9 Hz., then Mother Earth should hold fast and be okay.

The Earth plane approaches critical mass during a five-day window (May 3-7) two days before and after May 5. If, during this time, the grid lines of the magnetic energy force field of the two poles become uneven, and one pole receives more energy than the other, then it may slow your Earth's rotation again. If it slows your Earth rotation, you then run the risk of coming to zero point. At that point, Earth's rotation stops spinning, and the poles shift. And, you know that can't happen without a whole lot of turmoil.

The collective consciousness of the Earth plane is not ready for zero point at this time. We from the Guidance Realm are doing everything within our power to counterbalance the doom and gloom mastermind, so human consciousness will not fall prey to it any more than it already has. What we are trying to do through human collective consciousness is to hold the grid lines of the human world - that is the human body - to create a consciousness on the Earth plane not to hit zero point.

Now, do you understand why global meditations are so passionately needed at this time? The 14-day window is a grand opportunity to completely heal all the risks that you are facing during this Light Shift, simply by healing Mother Earth through global meditations.

More Solar Flares

The year 2000 marks the peak of solar flare activity in an eleventh-year cycle. This solar activity has a grand effect in this planetary alignment. As you may know, there has been a dramatic increase in solar flares caused by the slowness of the planets traveling around your solar sun. This has put the sun in a vulnerable space. The sun used to be able to burn out these energies before they became solar flares by absorbing the energy into the sun itself. But, the slowness of this energy has caused solar flares to increase. In the process of the May 5 planetary alignment, there should be even more flares, yet they will be somewhat less in their density, thereby having a little less power. More flares and less power should give the Earth plane the added balance of the etheric energy coming from your sun, and therefore giving you that split moment of time that you really need to prepare the Earth's population for its birth into the new Light.

Multiple Eclipses

There will be multiple eclipses, but you might not be able to see them as much as feel them. Many of the planets and their star systems are aware of their journey, and they are emanating energy trying to align themselves for this event. For example, Jupiter's moons are re-aligning themselves to get into position so when this planetary line-up happens they will be in perfect order. You may be able to see some of the eclipses taking place. What you might possibly see are little splinter moons in the night sky. But, even though you don't see eclipses, what you will feel is your body vibration becoming less dense and shifting towards Light emergence or the Light Body.

Science and Religion

Seventeen hundred years ago, a handful of "men" closed the doors and turned the key on society. They took the totality of the biblical work that the Creator had guided them to collect, and decided how your Bible would be written. That was the day that you stopped reading the Bible, and started listening to the Bible read to you. I suggest that each of you pick up the Bible and read it with your heart - wide open, demanding the illusionary prospect of energy to rise above the 10% human brain. If you do that, you will see a book of Truth in a much different Light than you have ever been told to see it.

The Great Shift of May 5, 2000 is the point in which science and religion recognize that neither has the answers. If the scientists recognize that they don't have the answers, then those in religion must admit that they too don't have the answers. With this Light Shift, the answers will come in a collective energy from the two.

Changes in the Four-Body System

The effect May 5, 2000 event will have on the four-body system - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual - is it will increase the posture of the Golden Thread. The Golden Thread runs through the four-body system, and keeps you connected with Universal Energy. It will impose itself in a more aligned fashion that will allow the four systems to re-align themselves in an orderly fashion. The result will be a more balanced four-body system.

The Golden Thread will almost lock your four systems in so that you will be able to see each one of them in their own Light again, rather than thinking that your physical body is the extent of your Light. It will put them into a perspective whereby you will have a stronger intertwining of the four systems, and relate to each of them more closely.

Opening of Portals

Within the 14-day window, portals will be created that will bring a lot of energy towards the Earth plane in a very positive manner. The Earth plane must realize that portals will be opening at many different segments. These portals will not be visible or touchable, and aligning to them will most likely be out of your reach. You just have to know that they will be there because when you move from the Third Energy into the Fourth (the Golden Shift), it will be through portals. So, already the groundwork is being laid for the Great Golden Shift itself.

You will be able to see one of the portals which will be visible to the human eye. It's a vibratory structure that vibrates at its own pace, and it will happen in the 14-day window of opportunity - most likely very close to May 5. It will appear straight above Alaska, at high noon, at 28 degrees towards California, 12 degrees towards Hawaii.

Angels, Dolphins, Whales, Galactics

During this 14-day window, the whales and dolphins will swim down into the ocean depths as far as they can to be as close to Mother Earth as possible because they want to feel Her.

On December 12, 1999, the Angelic Realm began a new vibratory relationship with your Earth plane. This has brought many of you into a feeling of light-headedness because Angels are getting very close to you at this point. They are not affected by any grid formation or by the May 5 energy, but they do have an awareness of how the Light Workers will be affected, and therefore they are standing by for the Light Workers.

The Galactics will be moving away from the vibration of this planetary alignment because many of their spacecraft risk detection when the planets align to the Central Sun. They exist on a thought pattern in which they think they can't be seen, so therefore they can't be seen. But, the powerful magnetic vibrations of this planetary alignment will bounce off Mother Earth, and the Galactics could get swept up in them. This would dishevel their cloaking structure, and if that happened, you'd see a group of them parked in the sky, and suddenly your whole world would go into another shift. So they are backing out of the way to avoid the risk. In fact, there is a fairly good chance for a lot of multiple spacecraft sightings at this time.

There is a second reason for their distance: They need to prove to you that they are not your salvation. The Galactics are not here to salvage the Earth beings. They are hoping you make the Shift, but they are not going to lose a lot of sleep if you don't. It sounds crude, I understand. Even their own brothers and sisters who are on the Earth plane are aware that they will not get much help from their Galactic brothers and sisters during this time.

Children of the Shift

The children that operate in fear will be nearly traumatized by some of this energy. Those who come from the Angelic and Galactic worlds will sit this Shift out fairly unscathed because they know that their brothers and sisters from their particular reality (Angelic or Galactic) are within reach.

If the Angelic and Galactic children knew they could not avoid zero point in this Shift, they would begin to dissipate their human body - yet hold very close to it. They would leave just enough aspect in their reality force to have the appearance of life, but the mass majority of their energies would be lifted away from their presence. So at school, it would look like a classroom of very slow movers.

Break Point - Advantage Light Workers

The Great Shift of May 5, 2000 is more a break point than a flash point. I would like to say it's a flash point because I would like to see the human consciousness go there, but the masterminds of the Earth plane are in such a deficit. Do you realize the Earth plane still believes that John F. Kennedy was killed by one bullet? This is Truth! The Earth plane still thinks that the Pope runs the Catholic Church! You have an Earth plane that still thinks the U.S. President is a male! I would love to see the May 5, 2000 event as a flash point, yet the collective consciousness of the Earth plane is no where near ready to handle the flash point. Collective consciousness alone will delay the flash point because it will be submerged in the murkiness of the human thought system. While it's submerged in that process, it will actually be thrown off its vibratory scale, and lay heavily over the Earth plane. The upside is the flash point is available to anyone at anytime from the May 5 event forward.

The Soothsayers of Doom and Gloom

There is no recorded history of what I am sharing with you. You will have to go to your heart and know it. Over the next year and half, you will be pushed more and more to understand what your heart believes. And, don't try to convince the next person what your heart believes because you can't make another person's heart believe what "you" believe.

Do not fall prey to the soothsayers of doom and gloom. There are those who will focus on keeping it a laughing matter.

Do not fall prey to the soothsayers of doom and gloom. There will be a great insurgence of human energy that will try to liquidate the power of this event. There are those who will focus on keeping it a laughing matter, and they will have a lot of help because there are many that are talking about Armageddon, the end of days, or stars falling out of the sky and things like that. Open your etheric energy and you will find that there are multitudes of guides, including Master Jesus and myself, who are speaking extremely loud about The Great Shift.

You must always remember that no matter what category of the Shift we are talking about, it is done in the recognition of the Creator Light. Whatever happens to the Earth plane or the people aboard the Earth plane, you must understand that it is done in the Light of the Creator, and the Creator is maneuvering this process to best align with the entire functions of all universes.

Do not pass up this opportunity, just because a number of people are telling you how foolish the whole process is. Those in the most fear will make the most noise. Therefore, I ask you as Light Workers, do not be noisy. Simply be in Love.

How can you convince the soothsayers of doom and gloom of the major importance of this Shift? The only way is try to pull them free of the doom and gloom. If you can pull them free of the Doom and Gloom, they will have the ability to look beyond the 10% human brain capacity. Doom and Gloom is what holds people in the 10% human mind because that is the fear factor, which is basically the ego factor. The Creator put the ego factor in place in order for you to sustain some life faction here on Earth. Once you release yourself of that, then you move into knowingness, and knowingness allows you to open up to the "what if" process. The "what if" process allows you to open the portal of your own reality to realize that all this stuff you have been fed for thousands of years has been fed to you in such a fashion to keep control of a planetary system that was never meant to be controlled.

Preparing for the Shift

The Great Shift of May 5, 2000 has a multiplicity of meanings. You don't even begin to see the total picture of this Shift. You have lost conceptual understanding of what this date really means. Most everybody is worrying about if they should have soup available, or stock their supplies on the floor because they might not be able to stand up, yet that has nothing to do with this Shift. Don't even get the supplies because you won't be able to use them. More importantly, what you need is conscious awareness. This is your only salvation. You need to be able to think "warm."

At this point, it's best for people who become exposed to this information to really do their utmost in preparing for this shift to the Light Body by looking at their diet and the whole spectrum of life. If you continue to hold on to the old patterns, it will create the "Elvis Presley" effect - rock and roll. Actually, it's already started. There are things happening around your Earth plane that are quite uncommon, and you are not being told about a lot of them.

Get everybody to tell their friends to hold good thoughts during this 14-day window; knowing that most of them won't try it anyway. If you went to a friend who has no understanding of Light Workers, no understanding of the Creator, who lives solely by the Bible and a God that sits in judgement, and you asked him to hold good thoughts during this time period, what does he have to lose? Nothing. If your friend said to forget it, then just go away and leave him alone. It doesn't matter because the message is in his 10% human brain, and will filter itself into the 90% of All That Is. So, tell everybody of the Great Shift of May 5, 2000. Do not convince anybody. Tell everybody - convince nobody.

The Profound Effects of Global Meditations

Profound Effects of Global Meditation

During this 14-day window, you have a grand opportunity to shift yourselves and Mother Earth into a totally brand new Light spectrum through prayer and meditation.

When a global meditation takes place, those individuals who participate actually affect the light rays of Mother Earth's crystal core. In turn, this affects Her vibratory magnetic structure, Her heartbeat, and all Her pulsations throughout Her planet. The benefits to Her and humanity are immeasurable.

Mother Earth is a cumulative process of different layers of realities, and each of the realities is held in process by a spiral that comes from the center and exudes out to the atmosphere. The pulsations are what continue the spirals forward.

In a global meditation, you create a light for Mother Earth to vibrate within, and She becomes more light-bodied. The spirals move at a more defined pace, which means they can get their energy to work and heal Mother Earth as they are moving outward from Her crystal core to the atmosphere. So, when a spiral of Mother Earth's core is in a defined space, it means She is emanating lighted energy. By emanating lighted energy from Her crystal core through the different layers, each layer becomes enlightened by that energy. The more global meditations you have, the more this process becomes enlightened, and the more Mother Earth and humanity become light-bodied.

Look at it from the viewpoint of just Mother Earth being light-bodied. The reason for your earthquakes is what? It's shifts in Her layers. What if Her layers could be healed by global meditations? We wouldn't have to have those nasty earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused when the spiral energy leaves Earth. When the color of its energy is cloudy and murky, it creates waves of disenchanted air streams, which turn into hurricanes and typhoons and things like that.

We can heal the earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, tornadoes - we can heal all of it with global meditations. It's amazing. All of it can be healed. Many people think Mother Earth is just a ball of dirt whirling through the universe somewhere. But, that's not Truth. She is made of Light beings just like humans are. She has a heartbeat just like humans. Yet, some humans don't care about Mother Earth. Some humans don't mind throwing a cigarette butt in Her face. What would you do if someone threw a cigarette butt in your face? The Guidance Reality such as myself and Master Jesus and Buddha love Mother Earth and we don't even live here. And, we love you, and it's not a contest between who we love more. We love both of you enough to bring the awakenings.

You can't do enough global meditations. They need to become the norm. The more global meditations you have, the more Mother Earth and humanity become light-bodied. Someone said to me once that there are so many global meditations, it's difficult to know which one to do. Well, I know. Do all of them.