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Excerpt from "The Bible Codes, Sir Isaac Newton, and 2006 in PROPHECY!" by William F. Dankenbring

Newton and the Year 2006

Experts have been pouring over Sir Isaac Newton’s secret writings, suppressed for centuries, and have discovered his stunning prophecies for the present century, and the year 2006 in particular.

Dr. Ephraim Springstein asserts, "Newton’s writings on science and mathematics are well known, but his religious research is less well-known. But his analysis of scripture was every bit as deep and revolutionary as his work creating modern physics and calculus. He was truly the genius of his time" ("Famed scientist Isaac Newton’s stunning prophecy," by Graham Beaton, Sun, February 6, 2006).

Newton dedicated 50 years of his life to analyzing works of Bible prophecies. He deemed his religious discoveries too controversial for public release during his own lifetime. His theological studies remained a secret until recently, when scholars discovered them in the collection of the Jewish National Library in Jerusalem.

Says Springstein, "We have known of these manuscripts for at least three years. We knew they described events of the End Times, beginning with massive plagues and fires, then a final battle between the armies of good and evil followed by the 1,000-year reign of the Prince of Peace" (ibid.).

Springstein continues, "But it was only within the past MONTH that we understood Newton’s prophecy was not about a distant future date. Using the data in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, he had precisely calculated the year of ARMAGEDDON – AND IT IS DUE TO TAKE PLACE IN 2006!"

Newton was not trying to "set dates." He declared in a manuscript which pinpointed the exact date of 2006 A.D., "I mention this period not to assert it, but only to shew [show] that there is little reason to expect it earlier, and thereby put a stop to the rash of Interpreters who are frequently assigning the time of the end."

Writes Beaton in the Sun, "Because his religious research conflicted with the official view of the Catholic Church and the Church of England, Newton ran the risk of being declared a heretic – a grave criminal offense that merited execution in those days. As a result, Springstein explains, he kept his manuscripts hidden and wrote many of his conclusions in SCIENTIFIC OR NUMERICAL CODES."

Dr. Springstein declares, "Previous researchers pinpointed Newton’s date of the end as taking place either in 2060 or 2327. We’ve found new manuscripts containing his equations and a KEY to deciphering his notation.

"Once we followed Newton’s research every step of the way, we reached the same TERRIFYING CONCLUSION. The PROCESS by which the world will come to an END BEGINS NOW, IN THE YEAR 2006."

Note carefully. Newton did NOT predict that Armageddon would be FOUGHT in 2006 – but rather that the PROCESS would begin this very year – 2006! And that from that year, it would not be long till the coming of the Messiah!…

Newton and the Year 2006

The Bible codes point to the year 2006 as being very significant. Sir Isaac Newton’s research also points to the year 2006 as being the beginning of the countdown to "Armageddon." The Jewish Jubilee cycles point to the year 2012 as being a Jubilee Year (counted from the inheritance of Canaan in the days of Joshua), and the Messiah is prophesied to return on a Jubilee Year (compare Acts 3:19-21; Lev.25:8-11; read our article "Will the Messiah Return on a Jubilee Year?").

The ninth chapter of Daniel tells us of a final "week of years" which will occur leading up to the coming of the Messiah (Dan.9:24-26) – a seven year period of great troubles (Dan.12:1). If 2012 is the year of the return, then 2006 would be the first of the final seven years preceding Messiah’s grand entrance! And Mayan chronology points to the year of 2012 as being the end of a "world age" and beginning of a new age!

How did Newton arrive at the year 2006? According to Springstein, Newton’s year 2006 is the culmination of 1260 years of ongoing apostasy. The number 1260 is mentioned in Revelation 12:6 as a period of persecution equal to "times, a time, and half a time" (Rev.12:14-16) – the same as "42 months" (Rev.13:5). This equals 3 ½ years of 360 days each (the original Biblical year). 3 ½ such years would equal 1260 years; 7 such years would equal 2,520 years. (Write for our article, "Daniel 9 and the Proof of the Messiah".)

Interestingly, if we count back 2520 years from 2006, we arrive at the date 515 B.C. That is the very year that construction of the Second Temple was finished under the governor Zerubabbel in ancient Judea! Construction began in 520 B.C. (Haggai 1:7-15). It was completed on the third day of the month of Adar (Ezra 6:15), in 515 B.C. 2520 years from that pivotal date brings us to 2006 A.D.!


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