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*CIA Concerned that UFOs could Trigger WWIII   *CIA Advocates Briefing
the President on UFO incidents   *Edward Teller Advocates release of
UFO information

BROOMFIELD, Colorado, 29 August 2002. The Majestic Documents
investigation team has just posted a set of four, leaked MJ12 documents
to www.majesticdocuments.com. These documents arrived anonymously in Tim
Cooper's Big Bear CA mailbox in July of 2001.

The first document is a two-page Secret memorandum from President Dwight
D. Eisenhower to the Director of Central Intelligence dated 4 November
1953. The document deals with Eisenhower's comments on an "MJTWELVE
Operations Plan of June 16, 1953 on the subject of instructions for the
expenditures of the National UFO Intelligence Program, and more
specifically, the Special Operations instructions to be issued to
Unified and Specific Major Commands and Commanders." Eisenhower (a)
expresses concern about inflaming the UFO situation with the Soviets;
(b) reiterates that both the CIA and the NSA had leading roles to play
in the UFO program; and (c) confirms that both Robert Oppenheimer and
Albert Einstein (described as the director of Project JEHOVAH) were
involved in research relating to UFO physics. Both original and replica
documents can be downloaded at:

The second is a seven page document attributed to the Office of
Scientific Intelligence in 1976, this is a photocopied onionskin
document is titled UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense
Intelligence Problem. The document is signed by LCR – the initials of
an astronomer attached to the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence in
the 1970's. LCR talks about the way in which UFOs have violated U.S.
airspace on numerous occasions; the way in which Top Secret UFO data has
been withheld from elected leaders by the CIA; the recovery of a crashed
UFO in New Mexico in 1947 by the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project;
the fear of a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets being prompted by
UFO radar tracks; President John F. Kennedy's involvement in the UFO
controversy; UFOs and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962; and LCR's
initiative to begin reintroducing presidential briefings on the UFO
subject. The discussion of organizational slowdowns, denied information
and management dilemmas are typical of bureaucracies, irrespective of
topic. Such references in the discussion are consistent with a pragmatic
working document, not for sensationalism or public melodrama. The
document in both its original and replicated form can be downloaded at:


The third paper is an Executive Briefing document for the Director of
Central Intelligence titled "Unidentified Flying Object Implication for
Nation Security and Human Survival." It provides a three-page
Introduction to a paper of undetermined length written by LCR in
December 1976. LCR reveals that between 1946 and 1955 he compiled
information on UFOs and the U.S. intelligence community that was
included in his book Central Intelligence, UFOs and National Security,
published in 1956 by the CIA. It reveals the surprising fact that many
secret documents concerning UFO encounters at Los Alamos and the White
Sands Missile Range in the period 1944–1949 were destroyed and also
reveals how this caused problems in trying to evaluate the true picture
from a historical perspective. The paper also touches upon the CIA's
role in espionage and UFO investigations, as well as LCR's examination
of the CIA's historical UFO studies. The original and replica documents
can be downloaded at:

The fourth paper in the LCR collection, titled "UFO Technology and the
Imbalance of Power," is attributed to Edward Teller and is a five-page
photocopy of onionskin paper. It goes into great detail about the nature
of official secrecy and the benefits and hazards of secrecy both in the
Cold War and in the present day. Teller proposes that official secrecy
surrounding UFOs should be lessened for three prime reasons: (a) to
stimulate research in the field of military applications of UFO
technology; (b) to promote cooperation between the U.S. and its allies
around the world on the UFO issue; and (c) to inform the U.S. public of
"the true state of UFO reality." Teller also proposes that the majority
of classified UFO documents should be declassified. In addition, Teller
discusses the use of UFO technology integrated into the U.S. military's
remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) program and maintaining an adequate
defense against "UFO nuclear weapons." The original and replica
documents can be downloaded at:

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