10/15/02 12:06:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time


we shot this tape
of an object
hovering over the water
it was that brilliant white light
the same type of light
that we have come to
recognize as the E.T.s

hovering over the water
the light swells up gets really big
then shrinks  comes back up
and starts to change colors
do different things
in the blink of an eye

some sort of arm appears
on the left side
an arm of light
then a huge long white light
appears going thru the
object hovering in the air

the light goes all the way down to
the water  and this intense white
light  small starts shooting around
all over the place
going crazy until it makes its way
back up to the hovering
white light

as it goes up 
a huge blue changing
size shape goes with it
you can't believe what
they both do

all these blinking changing
white and other color lights
start going off
all around the hovering
white light in the air

when the lights start
to really pulse change color
and do other things

all of a sudden
in the sky there are
others lights in the sky
signaling back 
using light to do so

we filmed the whole thing

now get this
when the lights start
appearing in the sky
replying to the big changing
white light in the sky
over the water

when we looked at
them closely
we saw they were

they are all over the place
very very clear

wait till you the pictures
of them i send you

they leave no doubt
none at all

what they are

also the white light
we are talking about
is the same as the one
we filmed in the sky
the portal  where every night
it changed and had more
lights around near it
things like that
looks like stars
but they are not

Tme we were shooting
6 15 p.m.  evening