Subj: Newgrange & Knowth - primarily built as Tombs or for Sacred Rituals or as Astronomical Observatories?
Date: 5/27/01 11:16:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time


The orthodox view of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth as primarily Passage Tombs
has been questioned by Astronomers with an interest in ancient monuments.
The book "A Little History of Astro-Archaeology" by John Michell, originally
published in 1989 has just been reprinted. The book summarizes the issues
involved in astro-archaeology, and illustrates its principal sites and
personalities including Martin Brennan. To purchase the book click on

The orthodox view has also been questioned by those who believe the
monuments were primarily built for Sacred Rituals. I received the following
email from a person with obvious passionate views:

"We have been twenty years trying to get people to realise that Knowth, and
Newgrange are NOT primarily 'tombs' no more than a Cathedral with
accompanying burials are primarily 'tombs'. They are Ritual sacred centres.
A chambered cairn is a fitting label and irrefutable, whilst a Tomb is
incorrect and inappropriate for our National premier 'Temple of the

At we strive for true knowledge and understanding of
Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth and the other great ancient sites in the Boyne
Valley region. We believe that people of all disciplines and beliefs have a
valuable contribution to make. We assume the Neolithic people who built and
utilised the Megalithic Monuments were peaceful people because no weapons
were found. I hope that we in the 21st century, from the curious tourist to
the State Authorities to the Orthodox Archaeologists to the
Astro-Archaoelogists to the most passionate Spiritualist will peacefully and
respectfully share in gaining a greater understanding of these wonderful,
mysterious and sacred sites.