Date: 8/15/04 4:56:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent – Do you have any idea what is happening at the North Pole – suddenly the images from the NOAA web cam show the ice looks brown! The web cam has not been updated since Fri 13th Aug!

REPLY: I do have this info, but have no idea if it explains the change.

Breakup Of The North Pole  


Date: 8/17/04 7:20:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

down here in oly wa we know the answer...

we have a white, nylon awning which collects a large pool of  blackish/brownish grit every time it rains.

non magnetic, sometimes more crystalline than others (have  microscope) apparently NOT ferrous oxide though shows signs of being ferric in nature


from very very very high up

directed down by high energy particle flows which run into the  magnetic filaments of the planet's magnetosphere connection to the poles.

more of it in higher latitudes


Date: 8/17/04 6:26:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time

It would appear that the cloud cover has dissipated and the snow  coloring is from sunlight... this can be determined by reviewing the historical jpg files.


Date: 8/16/04 11:12:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I offer my thoughts on the brown ice, and ice break up.

The brown ice is from the accumulation of dust, settled out chemtrails, (aluminum oxides, barium oxides, etc.), dust settled out from increased drought conditions and increased atmospheric dusts. ALL of the above find their way to the icecap.

As an example, consider the following: Take two identical SNOW BANKS, side by side. Put a dark material on one, and leave the other pristene and white. The darker material on the one snow bank will absorb heat much qucker and warmer than the WHITE snow. This begins the melting process. As the mass melts, the darker materials in the snow, become closer together, and absorb even more solar rays and heat up.. melting ice even faster. This perhaps poor example is a good explanation for polar ice melting.

Another factor to consider heavily is the fact our solar system is in a state of rapid (relatively) transition. Mr Hoaglands website the Enterprise Mission, has an article about our solar system, called Interplanetary End of Days. In this article, it states how Every planet in our solar system is experiencing changes unexplainable, Mars is warming, ice caps disappearing, for one example. If entire solar system is changing, surely the Earth is ALSO affected.

I believe the combination of the two above scenarios, explain the polar ices color and rapid retreat and break up..

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Date: 8/16/04 10:50:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Remember DDT? It was powder that was sprayed on low altitudes to take out mosquitoes and later on it was found in penguins and fish. Now imagine what happens if similar, micron-sized, powder is sprayed on somewhat higher altitudes & much higher altitudes.

I think that aerial currents carry everything that is so tiny that it flies long enough in the end reaches the polar regions where excess water vapour condenses making it precipitate.

One of materials that chemtrails are made of that is rained down on my car is light brown. Owing to constant sprayings air over my region is constantly saturated with chemtrail powder.

If surface colour of ice sheet gets darker it melts much faster.



Date: 8/16/04 9:33:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey Kent

Here is where the "deicing" had started back in July 2004

follow the pics through to now August.

Now go back and look at the year before 2003 this is unprecented throughout that whole year. Is this normal to have one year that this happens?


Date: 8/16/04 9:26:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This is the latest picture from just a few days ago

Note: This is Camera #1

This is from April 2004

Camera #1

Camera #1 from August 2003

It seems that there is something going on here?


Date: 8/16/04 9:16:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This is the latest pic from the North pole Note: Camera #1

This is a pic of from the same Camera #1 in April! Note the differences!

In other words this is the same exact area in both pictures! Is this normal? It seems that something is going on...


Date: 8/16/04 6:16:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

That looks like the product of a volcanic eruption some place. Any indications of such or increased seismic activity @ points north?

I couldnt find anything.....

Anybody in Alaska or Canada have any input on your boards? What about Greenalnd or Iceland, I do know that Iceland was quite active in recent years, and heard of a volcano in Greenland that was active, but under the ice. Did it break through? If the refreezing of the ice pack takes place latter this year due to warming, look for bad coastal flooding during winter storms in the norhtern hemisphere.


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Date: 8/17/04 5:13:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello>>>I live in Alaska....We are experiencing humidity to the max, (unheard of here), but with NO rain... excess heat, and alas,>>melting of the glaciers at an alarming rate...See Juneau's Mendenhall Glacier Info.....and others in Alaska...

Also Mt Spurr is melting on top,..Glaciers and snopack, and is rumbling continuously with earthquakes 24/7..Mt Spurr is in Alaska btw....>> 65 miles from Anchorage....

I have seen a strange kind of pea-greenish residue on my outdoor furniture,this yr,... and also black residue >>usually after chemtrails have been sprayed overhead...

The weather is strangely different here now than ever before...I have been here for 40 yrs+... I feel the Earth has shifted/rolled to the South, as the Sun is further North at this time of yr than ever before....D