Date: 6/30/03 1:24:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, This shot came off of a live cam on Shining Rock Wilderness Area, North Carolina on June 24, 2003. I was absolutely blown away when I saw it. I thought you might be interested in it, too.--Pam

Pam: Trying to understand it. Wouldn't be rain-spattering would it? Any others before or after?--Kent

Date: 6/30/03 2:42:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time

No, was not raining. I look at this cam everyday, and I have never seen anything like this. It is updated every 15 minutes........nothing like this before or after.

This area known as Shining Rock Wilderness Area is a reknown Cherokee site. It is the home of the ancient slant-eyed giant. The top of this mountain is pure quartz crystal, and is the alter where the ancient Cherokee went to pray and worship.

I am not sure what this is, but I have seen nothing like it on this cam before. I trust your opinion and gut instinct. You can let me know if you get anything further on this. When I look at it, I feel very impacted. I just had to send it to you.--Pam

Date: 6/30/03 8:38:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time

That interesting "splatter" look from the sun again.

Weather and sunset cam from Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada

Check out the Australian message at:


observatory 6/28/2003 3:54 am EDT

The sun has set on Eastern Australia. If you know an astronomer or observatory that can do solar observing, would you ask them to please check out the Sun.There is a fairly large flare (looking through telescope) bottom RHS. We were doing solar observing, and have captured an hour video of strange objects. This had been going on long before we started the video. Almost as if the Sun was in the middle of what we see here during a meteor shower. Had only half RHS of the sun in view, showing the flare, and these streaks were going from the back out, some into the sun, one very large one straight through the line of sight. Of course when you want to find someone who can tell you on a Saturday, there is no one around. It would be even better if someone can tell us what it was. Probably counted 80 in the hour. Don´t sayf lux. Tried to video capture, but card can only do it on 98 and have XP. Tried putting it through another video, but then didn´t have S video input. All very frustrating. Anyway if someone can check it out or tell uswhat it could have been, because we have been doing solar observing for four years of the seven years the observatory has been going, and have all the expensive gear, and never seen anything like this before. Yes I know no capture card. The little things that get in the way. Please dont say Planet X. Want scientific explanation.