Subj: Fwd:NATO Weather OPS
Date: 6/9/01 11:49:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Frank Condon)

A Message Sent To Viewzone Regarding Unusual Weather: 010801vzkosovo
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What is happening ?

During the NATO military operations in Serbia in 1998 witnesses reported
weird phenomenon. Weather during the last and the worst bombing campaign
around the Serbia was very strange. Huge black clouds materialised out of the
blue sky, and stayed there until the end of the campaign which is couple of
weeks. There was no rain falling from the clouds. What did fall on Belgrade
was hailstone the size of eggs. You can still see the marks it left on
houses. During that time witnesses describe strange "lighting" in the sky
that lasted for hours that didnt look like anything anybody saw before. The
"thunders" that accompanied the strange "lightning" were equally strange.
They were hundreds of times stronger than any thunders anybody remembers.
They were so loud that they were louder then the sound of bomb explosions.
Couple of days before the capitulation of Serbian army was signed a very
strong earthquake stroke Belgrade.

The weather cleared very soon after the bombing campaign was over.

Since then the climate in Serbia has changed considerably. Serbia experienced
one of the worst draughts in its history. For last two years it looked as if
the rain and snow were missing Serbia on purpose. This was before everywhere
else around Serbia the climate is still the same as it ever was. So we can
not talk about the global worming or natural climatic changes because the
neighbouring countries to the west, east, north or south that are not
affected. Last year Serbia had 8 months without a drop of rain. This
continues even as we speak as Serbia didnt get any snow this year. Even worse
the temperature at the moment is 19 degrees Celsius.

Last week scientists in Serbia released the report which states that the
electromagnetic field over Serbia is punctured. The hole is almost the size
of Serbia. it starts at the border between Kosovo and Albania in the south
and ends near Yugoslav Hungarian border in the north. The reason for
conducting the measuring was the strange behaviour of the cloud masses that
twice a year come to Balkans from Libya. Normally they would unload their
cargo of water over Balkans. In last two years however they would hit the
southern border of Kosovo, and as the river flaws around the island in its
current the cloud masses split and completely miss the Serbian territory
leaving an empty hole visible in the satellite pictures. The first time the
scientists noticed this phenomenon was at the December 28. 2000. The cloud
masses divided into a stronger eastern and weaker western stream and went
around the Serbian territory. The same happened on December 31 when the rain
that would usually fall in Serbia went east and caused over 200 ml of rain
per square meter in the territories east of Kosovo. All of this is about to
cause the possibly the worst draught ever to hit Serbia and potentially a
famine as the crops would be destroyed if rain or snow doesnt fall in Serbia

Could somebody help me find out if there was anything unusual happening in
the electromagnetic world during the final days of bombing of Serbia which is
summer 1999. Also does anybody have any indication that anything unusual
happened with earth electromagnetic field on 28.12.2000. or 31.12.2000.

Goran Pavlovic
Reporting from Serbia