Is NATO at war with China?

6/30/02 9:16:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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far as I've seen, it's pretty new stuff to me, though I've seen some of the
linked items before.  This was posted by the moderator of the psy-op list.
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I think that when we are sleeping or otherwise abosrbped mentally
that our organic CPU is still engaged in computation and sorting of
information, driven by the need to make sense of the world. Last year
I lived in Santa Rosa, California up until late September. It was
here that about two thirds of the experiences I have detailed, the
psychological operations aimed at de-stabilization, occurred. It is
here that I had methamphetamine offered to me unceasingly. I was
homeless due to the fact that A) I had left Michigan to keep from
jeopardizing my family and friends during the height of the Jam
Echelon Day campaign due to cryptic threats and B) I had been denied,
somehow, every opportunity to make a better situation for myself. It
is also here that I was offered heroin regularly. As I go on here you
will see how this is key.

It was in Santa Rosa wherein the person I eventually fled, the girl
who was obviously assigned to me for about a year and a half, was at
the center of attempts to shove certain memes (paradigms) down my
throat. One of those was a reverence for the now popular dragon
iconography you are seeing about. I must caution against assuming
that anyone bearing such, be it on a t-shirt or a tattoo, is in
cahoots with what I am leading into.

It was in Santa Rosa that I had a very disturbing dream and this is
the gist of what I was circumlocuting in the first sentence of this
text. I do not have dreams like this and I did not even during the
height of my psyop induced angst, except for this once. I submit that
my unconscious was speaking the only language it knows how to
transmit to the conscious mind, the language of the mythic, of
dreams, of symbolism. I believe my unconscious had pieced together
something that my conscious mind was only vaguely aware of, in its
endless computations. I believe this is the nature of prophecy and I
believe we are all prophets at times.

My dream was of billowy Arabian tents, of a dragon, and of much
blood. The words "The dragon has shed its spines and gone undergound"
echoed for months in my head. We had gone from the year of the dragon
into the year of the snake. I am sorry that it was not more specific.
It bothered me all night and I hardly slept. This was June, 2001. In
case you are wondering, I am NOT making this up.


"How do you recruit a person to rain terror, death and destruction on
people they do not even know? Do you look for someone who is already

No. You use bait. The best bait is information that can easily be
accepted as true and may, from a certain perspective, in fact be


Now what the hell does this have to do with anything?
I was driven to relay the story above by what I believe is a
revelation of sorts that I had today.

FACT: China bought four hundred million dollars worth of the very
757's that struck the World Trade Center. Someone needs to explain to
me why this was done if these jets had just been shown to be

Boeing signs huge China deal

FACT: The international cabals we have been often speaking of (or
CLUBS if you prefer) always seem to cross paths with Henry Kissinger.

FACT: Last year, in the spring, Kissinger and his CFR buddies
presented China with what was allegedly new incriminating evidence
regarding the Tiennamen square incident years ago.

You've heard a lot of mixed info on Lyndon LaRouche for sure. This is
because his research department is phenomenal but his conclusions as
to what to do about he world he paints with an accurate brush are
questionable. It IS he that reports this information. Here is the
url. Take it in context with the following two items.

FACT: Kissinger now sits as "top advisor" to a huge Chines oil firm.
What does TOP advisor exactly mean unless he is calling the shots.

FACT: THIS happened on September 6, 2001:
"Chinese authorities shut down an outspoken Internet bulletin board
last week after students posted messages about the 1989 Tiananmen
Square massacre, officials announced yesterday."

also see:
"Hu Jintao was the "democracy" advocate for Tianamen Square who was
arrested. I put that in quotation marks because the student's
demonstrating were not demonstrating about democracy per se. They
were medical student's protesting the US pharmaceutical complex
experimenting on Chinese citzens and organ harvesting....."

FACT: Soon after September 11, "President" Bush embarked on a rather
extensive trip to China, the details of which managed to not be

FACT: Jiang Zemin's personal jet was reported as being heavily bugged
some months ago and they accused the U.S. If America WAS
eavesdropping on Zemin's conversations it would seem to indicate that
U.S. surveillance of key Chinese leaders had been increased or that
the cautiousness of Chinese dignitaries had increased, either way
indicating that the two giants were locked in, at least, a Pr battle.
With the links throughout the rest of this text, I hope to
demonstrate that there was a cyberwar going on that was at a
crescendo on in August and September. Along with that, of course,
goes an information war.

January 19, 2002
US caught bugging Jiang's jet

FACT: The western part of the United States, of a more zen mindset
than the East, NEVER seems to be hit with terrorist attacks.
Microsoft is also stronger in the west than the east, where AOL
dominates more thoroughly. In the business arena and in public
relations, they are often at odds with each other.

FACT: The eastern U.S. powers have targetted Microsoft, for good or

FACT: Chinese persuaders are more likely to reach west coast CEO's
than on the east coast. Gates now operates out of Seattle.

FACT: The defenses that would have to have been subverted on
September 11 are largely computerized. If you haven't seen this
already, see:

a piece of software and some behavior modivication

FACT: Soon after September 11, the Department of Defense switched
their computers to Apple operating systems which is highly
incompatible with PC's, their software, and hence their modes of

FACT: The DOD released stills show a jet fighter slamming into the
pentagon but we cannot really tell WHOSE jet fighter it is.


FACT: If this jet fighter is not of American origin, then it would
explain why, in the throes of conspiracy propagation, they released
it: to give intelligent investigators a hint. Unless this information
came out under the auspices of eastern powers. Then it means that it
is a "gentle" way of letting us in on the threat. The information
that dawns slowly is the information less likely to invoke revolt.

FACT: The geographic realities of the war in Afghanistan, the
strengthened U.S. presence in the Phillipines, the recent battle
between a South Korean and a North Korean ship, the courthship of
India, and the courtship of Russia indicate a definite advancement
upon the vicinity of the heart of Asia: China.

FACT: The Taliban, while possibly not associated with September 11,
would provide a convenient, temporary scapegoat. By invading
Afghanistan, U.S. forces could advance on China. By enlisting the aid
of India and Russia, both can hope to eventually be rid of their
biggest and most immediate threat. By MAINTAINING STRONG RELATIONS
WITH ISRAEL, we can utilize Mossad intelligence to keep track of a
variety of Islamic nations that have shown stronger ties with China
than any other major power. In this scenario, the Taliban could
theoretically have played a role but if it did, it is likely that
fabricating evidence to maintain a mandate would have been be

FACT: A wide array of clues were present to suggest that there was a
Triad connection to the psychological operations that I was subject
to which included theaters of trauma that I believe were aimed at
desensitizing me which is, of course, the first step in enlisting a
spy or other operative, as per Operation Monarch lore.

FACT: The Japanese, allegedly, used methamphetamine to dissociate
from the immediacy of what they were about to perform.

FACT: The operatives that worked on me often showed strong signs of
martial arts training.

CRAZY but true: My life as a guinea pig by Agent Smiley

FACT: This part of California, where Asian organized crime could be
seen manifesting itself, is the silicon metropolis: San Francisco,
San Jose, Santa Rosa, and Santa Cruz to a lesser extent.

FACT: Santa Cruz is where about ninety percent of the psyops I
experienced that WEREN'T in Santa Rosa took place.

FACT: At the heart of this region is San Francisco, hence Chinatown.

FACT: I entered this area fresh from the Jam Echelon Day campaign,
explaining why I was immediately targetted: I was a potential

FACT: China is hugely into methamphetamine as is much of southeast
Asia. In the silicon metropolis is where I would often be coerced
into the use of "crank." I take full responsiblity for my days as an
addict (I am ten months clean). I will never put myself in that
position again but the one thing that kept me there was a genuine
loyalty to people I had met there years earlier some of whom, it
turns out, had had their minds, their ecology of memes, hijacked by
the mindset I speak of.

FACT: Whenever I would attempt to remove myself from the
methamphetamine scene, I would consistently be offered heroin,
something else China is heavily into.

FACT: The Brits have been into mass scale heroin trafficking for
hundreds of years, via China.

FACT: Back to methamphetamine: if you keep someone awake for a week
they will begin to absorp your memes.

FACT: The police in the silicon metropolis (and in other parts of the
west coast) have spent much of the past five years rounding up
distributors of psychadelics which has, conveniently, created a
recreational void. "Luckily" for psychonauts, the availability of
methamphetamine and heroin has increased about ten fold in that time.

FACT: If you are a methamphetamine distributor on the west coast, and
you propagate memes that are anarchic, you are going to jail. If you
propagate a mindset that is HIERarchical you are ignored. When you
are a junkie, your dealer seems to speak gospel. It is a dynamic
present regarding all of our appetites. The source of your food is
more likely to be appreciated and trusted than someone who does
nothing "for" you.

FACT: Mass media, largely centered on the west coast, refuses to
report two huge drug epidemics whose scope vastly eclipses that of
the crack scare of the eighties. Both of these drugs are marketed en
masse by the Triads. They are methamphetamine and heroin.

FACT: I once asked a person in Santa Rosa, amidst all the
psychological operations, what the hell was going on. Why was I being
messed with? He had a way of telling me things that I would only
later decipher. This would protect him from people listening to make
sure he wasn't spilling any beans. He told me, "It's the ring of
fire." This was BEFORE September 11 and this street kid was in no
position to be in possession of such information, unless he was an
operative and/or in close contact with the Triads.

From the American Museum of Natural History

The Ring of Fire. Intense tectonic activity occurs all around the
perimeter of the Pacific Ocean. Along this length, the Pacific Plate
and various smaller oceanic plates collide, scrape and subduct, or
sink below, one another and the adjacent continental plates. This
subduction - actually a string of subduction zones - generates the
chain of volcanoes known as the Ring of Fire. The Philippines, part
of the Ring of Fire, lie at the meeting point of at least three
tectonic plates: the Eurasian, the South China Sea, and the
Philippine plates.

The ring of fire is apparently a volcanic rift in the tectonic plates
that encircles Asia in the Pacific. What would he mean when he knew I
was referring to events in California. Obviously, now, that Asia was

WHO is the Ring of Fire?


The online activist community has recently been struck by a barrage
of various cyber-attacks. A vast majority of them have simulated
activists' email addresses to send out pro-Israeli and anti-
Palestinian propaganda. This would seem to implicate Israel and its
allies right? Wrong.

If Israel and its allies (like the behemoth that sits in D.C.) wanted
to subvert American voices it would be easy. I submit that if
a "Zionist" entity wanted to simulate our addies and cause havoc and
to discredit us, "it" would undoubtedly be a bit smarter than to send
out emails en masse of a nature known to be contrary to what we have
all stood for loudly and firmly. This would automatically discredit
the authenticity of such emails. Sending an email in your name to the
very people that have already been receiving your ideas in such a
manner that it is automatically deemed suspicious sounds a little
more like an operation designed in reverse, i.e. by ANTI-Israelis.

Please see the following:

February 2, 2001
Chinese officials shut down 127 illegal Internet cafes

April 11, 2001
A Chinese Call to Hack U.S.,1377,42982,00.html

April 27, 2001
FBI Warns of Chinese Hack Threat,1377,43417,00.html

April 30, 2001
It's (Cyber) War: China vs. U.S.,1377,43437,00.html

JUNE 25, 2001
What Is Bill Gates Planning for China?
Now that AOL has partnered with Legend, how will Microsoft respond?
It isn't saying, which may mean a surprise is in store

JULY 9, 2001
AOL and China: Out One Door, In Another?
As it makes a strategic withdrawal from Hong Kong, the Web giant may
have plans to return with the help of Legend, its new mainland

Chinese computer giant Legend Holdings, AOL, and Microsoft – some
bitter rivalry

August 1, 2001
China Tightens Internet Controls

August 8, 2001
Computer infection troubles China

August 14, 2001
Anti-virus groups say the Leaves worm arrived as an e-mail that
appeared to come from Microsoft as a security bulletin. It was
discovered July 9.

August 30, 2001
US May Help Chinese Evade Net Censorship,24195,3345146,00.html

August 30, 2001
AOL sued by Muslims over chat room harassment

August 30, 2001
Pentagon gives go-ahead to Grid

August 31, 2001
Code Red virus traced to China,7369,545072,00.html

August 31, 2001
Customs halts export to China, charges 2

September 4, 2001
Bush Reverts to Satellites for China

September 5, 2001
Pentagon to Develop Anthrax

September 6, 2001
Feds Stop Seeking Microsoft Breakup

September 6, 2001
China Said Planning Military Buildup

September 7, 2001
China ready to deploy its first mobile ICBMs

September 7, 2001
'Code Blue' Worm Strikes in China, May Migrate


Other pertinent links - AFTER September 11

Sep. 21, 2001
The change grants China's Web-using public access to the previously
unviewable sites of The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San
Francisco Chronicle and Boston Globe, which were blocked as recently
as Sunday. It was unclear exactly what day the unblocking occurred.,1367,47017,00.html

October 7, 2001
Chinese troops pour into Afghanistan

November 21, 2001
China closes 17,000 Internet cafes

December 27, 2001
China Moves Troops to Diffuse Indian War Threat

With a total media blackout of the actual fighting in Afghanistan,
how are we to know if this report has any merit? It DOES fit a

January 2002
China announces new Net regulations

January 11, 2002
Pakistan gets first batch of Chinese fighter aircraft

February 28, 2002

May 17, 2002
A news agency that just "picked up" Alexander Haig as a board member
AFTER September 11 ceases to be critical of the Bush administration
and totes the CFR party line on China.

May 17, 2002
Chinese leaders seek allies against US encirclement

Much more at

Want to know why Bill Cooper was REALLY killed? Judging by the
following link, he knew China was behind September 11. Entries from
September 8th, 9th, and 10th are missing from his newswire.


U.S. High Tech Trade with China and Hong Kong 1990-2000

Re: U.S. High Tech Trade with China and Hong Kong 1990-2000


Was the world trade center attacked with living hijackers or by
remote control?

..or both?


important snips from


I have it on good information that Paul W. Lewis the
American Baptist Missionary in Burma and Thailand to the Lahu and
Akha was a CIA agent, upper management.


I have searched widely on the net and there is almost
no paper trail on Paul W (white?) Lewis on the web. He now lives in
Claremont California at a misson retirement center but people also
advise that he is a wealthy man.


Source says Paul W. Lewis was involved in shipments
worth hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.


If this Lewis is the same guy in Yunna there is a
large covert weapons facility in the interior of Yunnan that is
reputed to be conducting human trials on biowepons AND those same
labs are rumored to have created a SUPER Heroin using steroids to
counteract the wasting common with heroine addiction.


...the steroid was hGH and it was a cloned source from...


It was tainted with clostridium and it was killig
people. Does any of this ring a bell...



consider the point that it is osama's creation
potential propaganda


Thanx for this.very unlikely it is Osama. Where does
he have access to embrionic cloning facilities.
I wonder if it is actually liquid or if they are
referrring to the ability of the stuff to dissolve. In
Europe the street stuff has to be cooked to dissolve
it but this new stuff was smooth I understand.


In relation to this see:

August 9, 2001
Government will promote IT in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

September 12, 2001
China Will Help Pakistan In Setting Up of Technology Incubators

October 3, 2001
Atta Holds Meeting With Microsoft

Islamabad the October 23, 2001
Federal Minister for Science & Technology Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman who is
visiting Paris held a meeting today with Mr. Jawwad Rahman, Regional
Head of Microsoft.

January 14, 2002
Pak-China Fund to be utilized for joint research

February 26, 2002
Pakistan and China to collaborate in IT, biotechnology

March 2, 2002
Pakistan and Chine to intensify cooperation in biotechnology


I doubt if you have heard of any of this news but it comes from the
Shan Mountains and from the Middle east predates 911. I hop this will
put things ins perspective for you.


For a time they were controlled by some drug lord
camps in Cambodia. An Israeli by the name of Shaul
Eisenberg was operating them will Pol Pot until his
death in 97. I worked for Eisenberg in China.Our
company was studying the viability of placing fiber
optic cable for a telecom backbone in that cave
network to service central asia.


the tactics used against me have not changed and this
would seem to indicate that whoever calls these shots thinks they are
getting the effect what would that be?

am i being encouraged to broadcast anxiety?

Since I had my Company in China seized I have had
similar "threats". Vague disturbing coincidences. Odd
phonecalls with taped messages, someone reading
jokes...messages asking if I need health insurance,
other tapes asking me to press 3 to find out about an
art exhibit of Chinese art that was to begin in
2001...only they are still sending me the message, the
abandoned truck left in the middle of the alley behind
my house that the police did not ticket or move for 3
weeks even though the parking people came by 2ce a
week for 3 weeks. The street cleaner had to go around
the truck.. And there was another abondoned car
behind my house with words like "Whore quit mess with
our Homies or we are going to rape your black ass".
But te best was after 911 when there was a HUGE sign
outside my bedroom window that someone painted of the
twin towers being hit with a plane and the words
"Bitch are you happy now?"


They like to scare you so don't scare.


Did I tell you that I had sent some people to NY after
word that some of my chinese employees had escaped China and had been
employed to renovate the WTC? That was Sept 6 2001...


The company was working on the developement of remote
control aircraft and on Sept 6th I recieved word that
some of my people may have been released o from china
to work on a change over of ATC Radar. I was told
they had been contacted to be in a work detail in the
WTC which was being renovated. Ruppert Murdoch and
Times warner had transferred some schema from ther
office in Guangzhou to the US military for a test of
the ROTHR radar system to be used on the Air traffic
control system based in the naval station in Montauk
NY. That magnetic ring in Montauk that controls the
ATC system for the east coast has malfunctioned
several times.


now ain't that something. like alice in wonderland,
'curiouser & curiouser'. there is much more of a
connection between china, the us & the taliban. i
wrote an article about it last year...


Western powers may provoked an attack from China, deliberately.

China responded lethally.

Pakistan and China are creating the kinds of drugs that enslave.

Now we know why it seemed absolutely imperative to the oil mafia to
take the 2000 election.

While western powers engage in warfare of a far less insidious nature
(i.e. less guerrilla), NATO and its cronies wreak more destruction. I
submit that this is essentially the repeating history of the battle
between eastern and western mindsets.

One is not more effective than another but one (I think you can guess
which) is essentially imperialstic in its mission.

The fact that this information has managed to not be included in the
investigations of September 11, even by conspiracy buffs is a
testament to the power of mass media to shape our views. He who
controls the flow of information controls the type and amount of
avenues of examination.

On the day I was to release this piece, my yahoogroup "psy-op" came
under heavy attack necessitating that I attend to some banning and
investigation, neatly taking up much of my time. The PC world is
buying time to stage some sort of defenses. My advice is to buy Apple.