Date: 12/2/02 5:58:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

So, what do you think NASA knows that is out there that they want to hide from us? Let's see, here's a small list,

Life on Mars?

Life or a colony on the Moon?

ET's on the Moon?

Planet X?

Is this the essence of what you're hinting at? We're so much not alone and they want to shield us from that? Well, you know, one way of putting an end to fundamentalist any religion would be to have a face to face visit with ET's. Then people could just drop their beliefs of conquering each other once and for all. In the presence of a powerful other how could anyone keep up the idiot facades anymore? Sheesh, I need more of my coffee.......

EDITOR: I'm becoming a bit of a Matrix freak. NOTHING IS WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE! Have you seen this:

An Astronomical Enigma

A mathematical demonstration of the nonrandom nature of the major orbits of the Solar System. The observed fact of order is unexplained by the Nebular Hypothesis, or any other scientific theory known to the writer.

12/2/02 10:35:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Well, ah, geesh, I have to be spoon fed that one. What's the gist of that gobbley gook? Does this material suggest that there is no way to explain the alignment of our solar system's planets based on known cosmology? Is that it?


"A mathematical demonstration of the nonrandom nature"

"Taking all the above facts into consideration, it is difficult to maintain the notion that the Solar System originated solely by the action of gravity on a random distribution of dust particles."

"As far as I am able to judge, the relationships do not derive from any fundamental mathematical theory (eg Kepler's laws)"

Suggesting that it was all engineered? Kent

12/2/02 10:57:58 AM Pacific Standard Time

OK, NOW I GET IT. But wait, what about the role of fractal geometry and chaos theory as it applies to the random distribution of stellar gas, leading to planets being birthed? Could this not be seen from a mathematical perspective of a non-random event when fractal math is applied?

Airborne Holographic Projector

12/2/02 10:05:01 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi: Check out this site. It's the main site for the link you posted. Isn't that a mighty nice emblem they have and what's that little red "planet-like" object?


Entry: "Disinformation - The Science of Deception - Fake Evidence

Date: 12/2/02 10:21:38 AM Pacific Standard Time


Hmmmm, this is odd. They spend 100 billion chump change, for sure and then they have to close it down? Is there something odd here?

** NASA mulls station evacuation plan **

NASA has completed an initial contingency study of how to evacuate the International Space Station and leave it without a permanent astronaut crew for up to a year.

Date: 12/2/02 11:46:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

If we take the testimony of great folks like my favorite "viewer" Ingo Swann, at face value, which is assuming allot, I agree, then these people have said that they have "seen" ET's involved with Mars and all kinds of activity on the MOON. They saw all of this when they were employed by the government or working for Hal Puthoff at Stanford. This is in the written record, in books and lectures and whatnot. If, as I say, they are telling us the truth, then NASA has known all about ET's from a very early point in their history. Swann points out, by the way, that the Apollo space program was 'shelved' with 2 or 3 fully loaded and ready to go Apollo spacecraft. They just pulled the plug and mothballed the whole thing in a great hurry after the last Apollo without adequately explaining to Congress why they did that. Not only that, but they spent the years after that putting all of their 'public' face on Skylab and then Hubble. They sent unmanned satellites to other planets but the real attention was on viewing them as curiosities rather than putting the microscope to the surface. What I mean is that they did not release ANY super high resolution photo's of Mars or the Moon to the public. Clementine, a CIA satellite, had the ability to photograph the moon in super up-close spy satellite capacity and they released nothing of the shots to the public. Why? Is there something up there that is a breach of our earth bound national security? Huh? Then, all of a sudden, they start talking up a storm about the real physical conditions on Mars and the Moon. All of a sudden they take a 180 degree turn and before you know it, Mars has running water and the moon has a thin atmosphere. Why the sudden shift? New data? Rubbish. They knew everything they needed to know about Mars from the earliest days (look at the photo's Kent has on his web site of the Mariner "lost" archives and you can see rivers on Mars, for gosh sakes!) No, they knew this and they were going to turn the whole of earth side attention to a new agenda. Maybe they had gained a level of confidence from Area 51 research that made them sure that they could take on the planets/moon and the ET's without cowering in fear? I don't know the answer to that, but if you look you can see that the message has shifted and it's much more aggressive. NASA still has not answered tons of questions about the true physical nature of the Moon and of Mars. They have obfuscated about UFO's from day one. Mind you, with the Brit's now saying that they are about to publish their UFO's accounts, maybe we'll be softened up even more for the big announcement? We ain't alone.......


The Science Behind the (Real) Matrix "At any given moment, there is a sort of all pervading orthodoxy, a general tacit agreement not to discuss large and uncomfortable facts." George Orwell

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