Layna Jan Wilson

8/27/2006 10:23:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The Continuing Saga of the Nasa Caveman

In this segment of the Strange Story of the Nasa Caveman - I have had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the children of the Nasa Caveman.

They have given me their stories to share with all of you...


At the time of the trip to the Cave -

It was right before I was starting eighth grade and my family couldn't go because we were starting school the following week.

He was a happy guy and always lots of fun.

I know he was always worried about the meteors coming to the Earth and worried about us.

After that happened, things got really strange.

He met a woman online and she was from South Africa and he left my mother for her.

It was all very strange and everything changed.

It was like, overnight, my Dad was a different person.

He was spending all of his 401K on frivolous stuff for my new stepmom and talked about how it was all going to end soon.

Since I was much younger then, I had no idea what he was talking about.

I knew he was involved with a lot of government stuff at Nasa and mentioned working with special weather things and lots of things didn't make sense.

My Dad spent a lot of time, online, researching the meteors and talking with other people, online, about when it was going to come.


Question - Were you made aware of the situation by which your father died?

Answer - Yes, at first I was only told he died, but later I found out the details.

Question - What exactly were you told about his death?

Answer - I remember being told he drove into the woods and shot himself late at night.

Question - Was he getting psychological help at his workplace?

Answer - I'm not sure.

Question - What did he tell you about his work?

Answer - He told me he worked at Nasa as an engineer.

Question - What did his new wife do for a living?

Answer - I don't believe she worked after moving in with him.

Question - Heather said that your father was doing weather-related work at Nasa and government stuff - do you have more details on that?

Answer - Nope, sorry.

Question - Do you keep in touch with your grandparents - your father's parents, or are they deceased?

Answer - On my father's side, I can't remember seeing anyone related to him.

On my mother's side, my grandparents have passed away, but I still try to see my uncles and aunts at least once a year.

Question - what do you know about your father's trip to the 'cave' in Ohio?

Answer - All I remember about that was him being afraid of something and going to a cave in Ohio.

My guardian told me, on the night of my father's death, my father stopped at his house and talked to him. He said everything seemed normal, except one comment, which was worded something along the lines of: If anything every happens to me, make sure my children are safe.


My father had lots of problems - family, religion, first spouse, etc.

Regarding the Cave -

I actually wanted to go with him; because, although I didn't understand that a meteor was coming to hit the earth, I thought he may have been on to something.

Of course, I was in elementary school, then, so I couldn't just pack up and leave.

Regarding my father's death and the report -

I was, basically, told everything...supposedly, I never saw it, or was allowed to read it.

He wrote a suicide note, of twenty-five or fifty reasons, why he committed suicide; mostly pertaining to my mother, his first wife.

I wasn't allowed to see it...so, I don't really know much about it.

Also, I knew it was in a park.

The Medical Examiner only explained it could have been 'murder' or 'suicide'...but wouldn't the position of the shot, or finger prints on the gun, make it able to be told?

In the first year of the death, my mother told James, my brother, numerous times, that he was murdered.

That, during therapy, James wrote it in a grief booklet we did.

The three of us kids were forced to do therapy for one year and psychological evaluation.

Unfortunately, I don't have a last memory, before my Dad died; because I was forced to stay with my Mom, during the Spring Break that he died.

The night I found out, I was staying at a friend's, and when my Mom told me, I truly believed she was lying.

Probably, because there wasn't any consolation or empathy about it from her.

I think I was told it was one of my Dad's guns; which was pretty normal, because, when I was five, to about the time he left to go to South Africa, he had gone to gun ranges; usually with the family and owned quite a few.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the real Funeral; although, he was cremated, because I wasn't allowed ; and only attended a church-held wake.

It was so biased of his personality...ie., saying he had strange beliefs and etc.

My Dad's problems - according to what I knew, his family, basically, disowned him, after he left their care...

He told me when I was younger, that they had to fight for love/attention and he didn't want to live like that.

He also told me that they didn't want him to marry my Mom; which he did anyway.

And, they let go of him as a son.

I never met any of his brothers and sisters or parents.

And, the one time our legal guardian also referred to as a stepdad, for less social complications, now-a-days, sent them my sister Heather's school acceptance letter to her university, they returned with a nearly illiterate note, with two hundred fifty dollars, basically stating, 'here's some money, please leave us alone.'

Religious problems - My Mom told me, when I was younger, that my Dad used to be a devout Christian along with her.

That he would memorize pages of the Bible at a time and used to be an avid church goer...but during my years, he never went to church on his own; and few times with another, during about ten years.

He claimed to be atheist; and then, the last year, was Wiccan.

My Mom, and the three of us kids, went to a church in our area.

I went for my eleven years, with mostly dislike toward the kids and structure.

Then, my Dad turned from his faith; which led to more problems in his first marriage with my Mom.

Later, he turned to Wicca, which introduced him to his new wife.

First wife problems -

With my time, living with my parents, there was repeated abuse; leading the kids and my Mom to go to Women's Clinics.

According to my Dad, she would get depressed from 'their personal intimacy.' My Dad mentioned it to me.

Immediate family problems -

The IRS was called on my parents, I believe, two or three times, for unsanitary conditions of our house.

We were clothed and fed, but the living conditions were quite bad.

The living room was filled with random stuff, with barely a path to walk.

One point, in around seven for me, we, the three kids, stayed with my Mom's church friend, for, I think, around three weeks, as our house was being cleaned out and such.

And a second time, at our Mom's brother's house, for three weeks of the summer, when I was nine or ten.

My Mom didn't seem to live in the real world...as in, she truly believed we were beneath the poverty level, even though she was a Teacher.

She taught til my sister Heather was born and my Dad had a steady job at Nasa making $56,000 a year.

And with one car, and the house paid off, it seems bizarre to be a penny pincher.

A gas station owner, recently, as in the last year, said, he remembers my Mom coming to his pump and putting in fifty cents to a dollar of gas, at a time; which, even back then, a gallon of gas was about a dollar.

She was a constant garage-sale person; and that isn't too weird, but how extreme she was about money.

Even today, she buys us 'Dollar-Tree' Christmas gifts and five dollars for a Birthday gift.

After my Dad died, she basically stopped eating too.

She was in and out of circles of Care ( a mental institution); and living in a half-way house with medication, is her current state.

Both my Dad and her were diagnosed bi-polar and obsessive compulsive.

The New Wife - My StepMom -

She was kind of 'out there,' but very friendly.

He met her through the Internet.

I'm pretty sure through a chat room...and they became close quickly, and got 'married spiritually' according to my Dad.

He left to go to South Africa, sometime in September/October of 1999, and came back late November.

In that time period, they got married in Czech.

I met her in my front yard, in November, around my eleventh birthday; with a new version of my Dad, I had, yet, to learn about.

Along with his new wife, her two kids, (both younger than me), her ex-husband and father of the new kids, and her close friend, (I think he was a homosexual, but not positive).

They lived in a Days Inn Hotel, nearby, for at least two months.

My sister Heather, was the first to go and live with them by choice.

Then, when they moved to a house in the area, all of my stepMom's people, and the three kids, lived in a four bedroom house.

The three of us kids stayed in a living room on futons.

Our neighbours spyed on us (no one believed me, at the time, but I caught them doing it in the middle of the night.)

My StepMom was kind of a sarcastic-toned person, but, still loving, at the same time.

She was Wiccan, as well. She was really artistic with painting and etc.

My Dad, definitely, treated her better than a princess.

My StepMom and her two kids, now live in England, with her Aunt; while her exhusband lives in Scotland.

Her homosexual friend disappeared after he was caught stealing personals from her.

This occurred after the death quickly...

The above is the accounting of the three children of the deceased Nasa Caveman.

They gave me permission to share this account and to use their names; but, I have chosen to leave their names out of their story, for the sake of their personal privacy.

We still have 2 years, before the 9 year cut-off point, on the period of time given for the comet or asteroid strike.

This story will be continued, as events unfold...

Layna Jan Wilson,

Vancouver, Canada.

If anyone has any pertinent information on the death of the Nasa Caveman, or any other related information, regarding the coming asteroid or comet, please contact me, at your earliest convenience at ljanwils@shaw.ca - your name will be kept confidential and your privacy assured.