(Below: Is a crater where the face should be?)

41 west-9.6 north


41 west-9.6 north

DETAIL (left)


105 west-30 north


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Dear Friends:

I need help here. I am getting a second-party email and internet messaging contact from alleged whistle-blowers concerning the Surveyor mission and images at Cydonia. Although the content is wild, there are clues that may be worth a gander. I lack the expertise to sleuth this out. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Kent Steadman

EMAIL 98-04-16 22:19:48 EDT:

The photographs that are coming up on the web of the face and Cydonia are not  the areas everyone thinks they are. They're also not doctored, they are true  untouched photos of a area in the 10th parallel, 100th latitude, 9 degrees longitude. [note:  the latitude and longitude appear reversed] There are at least 7 known sites on Mars. Cydonia is the only one that was leaked.

If someone is knowledgeable on Mars weather magnetic patterns and if they will  compare original Cydonia photos with the current ones, they'll notice that  weather patterns on Mars are constant, therefore, the 2 sets of photos can't  be the same area.

(Source name withheld on request, and in hopes for more info)



clean room


orbiting Mars


EMAIL: 98-04-19 09:22:13 EDT

Remember the ship we lost about 2 years ago, as it arrived in Mars orbit it just disappeared? was a nuke. It exploded 1500 feet above was supposed to remove the face and pyramids.

If someone can do a spectral analysis of chemical compounds off the film shown on the web, they'll find a high concentration of Cesium 157. Radiation can be picked up on film and that kind of analysis discloses chemical compounds. Cesium 157 is a man made industrial isotope, not found in nature. Therefore, if it's present on Mars, it was put there by man, or some other advanced civilization."

The first film...the '76 film of Cydonia was a trick of light. The Face was there...but you should have seen the film they didn't show the public!

The release of the first film was a mistake. It shouldn't have been released to the public. The story is that one of the insiders maybe [name withheld], was trying to get the story out. Anyway, [name withheld] was terminated 2 days after the release of that film. It came out on a Friday afternoon .. he was fired by Monday."

(Source name withheld on request, and in hopes for more info)

EMAIL: 98-04-20 12:01:57 EDT

Closer observation and analysis of the pictures coming from space, could reveal that the so called "canals" on Mars, are not "canals" at all, but the marks of extensive strip mining?

Suppose most of our space missions were sent from other areas of the earth. Areas where there is virtually no population or if there is they wouldn't know what they were seeing, anyway. That would make the visible missions a show for the public. Then, suppose what the Apollo astronauts saw on the moon, was not alien. No alien ships or alien machinery but our machinery...our base on the back side of the moon where ships can be sent into space away from public scrutiny...Cape Canaveral having way to much visibility.

(Source name withheld on request, and in hopes for more info)

EMAIL: 98-04-20 23:18:33 EDT

You can check any photograph for radiation through spectrum analysis. Different types of radiation are identified by discoloration of film, waves, etc.  Photos taken with lead shields intensify the radiation penetration. One of the cameras uses a lead shield film packet.

The film is stored in a container made of depleted uranium, completely shielding all radiation so that the film advanced through the iris is the only piece exposed.

It  [Cydonia] wasn't nuked 20 years ago..It's been within the last 4 years. USSR supplied technical information only.

(Source name withheld on request, and in hopes for more info)

INTERNET MESSAGE: 98-04-21 (In debate to above message, EMAIL: 98-04-19 09:22:13 EDT)

SOURCES: Thought so, first off, none of the current satellite or probes use "film" cameras.....

SOURCES: and lead is used to shield from radiation, not enhance imaging.

SOURCES: and there is no such thing as "spent uranium".

Phikent: makes sense

SOURCES: All current probes, whatever, use electronic imaging devices, much like a standard video camera, only with a lot more individual sensors on the detecting elements.....

SOURCES: I worked with all sorts of radiation sources for 40 years at Monsanto and lead shielding was used in every one of them. From electron microscopes to gamma and beta radiation sources for gross metallurgical failure analysis.

Phikent: So could we use this data to run a a whatever, spectrum analysis?

SOURCES: Remember, there are several types of spectral analysis:....

SOURCES: You are about to get a quick course....

Phikent: great, gladly

SOURCES: First off, there is wavelength spectral analysis, each atom, when excited (the key word is excited) emits energy at specific wavelengths unique to that particular atom...

Phikent: yes

SOURCES: This can only be determined by a scanning spectrometer that traverses the various wavelength and detects the particular wavelengths being emitted by the atoms involved....

Phikent: a specific device?

Phikent: looking for a specific emission?

SOURCES: Matching that somewhat, is the energy dispersive system, which detects the energy level of the emission given off by the atom, rather than the wavelength (both are emitted at the same time).

SOURCES: Yes, a spectrometer and it normally scans to give the emission bands or in the case of the EDS system the energy of all the atoms in a particular sample.

SOURCES: Another is the emission spectrograph, which records all of the emission bands of the elements either on a strip of film (like a bar code) or with photocells.

Phikent: yes

SOURCES: The latter is not used much anymore, the EDS and WDS are considerably more efficient.

Phikent: So the larger question is, could the residue from a nuke be detected in the images returned from the observing space craft?

SOURCES: There is also gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, somewhat more sophisticated to detect ;and identify organic molecules of all sorts.


SOURCES: Not the type of images being displayed on the internet, these are strictly visual images and contain no elemental information.

Phikent: Also in addition to the equipment the USA deploys could there be additional devices deployed by the Russians?

SOURCES: Almost anything is possible.

EMAIL: 98-04-22 20:55:04 EDT (In debate to above message, EMAIL: 98-04-19 09:22:13 EDT)

Regarding the depleted uranium and lead enhancement shields. First DEPLETED uranium is used as a mobil containment shield for industrial and military grade radioactive sources. The largest industrial radioactive source I've seen was 100 curie cobalt 60 source in a 500 pound deleted uranium housing, referred to as a camera. Military grade radioactive sources are also stored in this manner.

Although it is a heavy shield, it is proven to be very reliable.

A short description of a containment unit for radioactive sources ---- the exterior varies in shape and thickness to accommodate the curie strength of the radioactive source. The source itself is housed in the center of the depleted uranium. It is removed from this maximum protection location through a portal by mechanical means. Some of the words I'm using are for the layman's benefit.

I know that lead is used as a personal shielding system for protection against X Rays produced by gamma radiation, produced by radioactive sources and anoded/cathode machines. But ... thin lead shields placed on both sides of certain types of film will enhance the image as the X Ray particles pass through. This lead shielding lets even the most minuscule variances of any object between the radioactive source and the film be seen. In my business I have worn many doseomoter film badges and even have a survey meter in my house. BTW, there are more effective and lighter methods of personal radiation protection than lead shielding. However, I don't believe it's available to the public.

Second, I'm going to give you the longitude and latitude for the Cydonia location, as if it were on Earth. But let me explain why I gave it the way I did. Simply, that the terminology used is to reflect the angle and degree of approach by objects sent from Earth to Mars using a magnetic breaking system. Mars has virtually no gravity and no atmosphere to add friction and slow the craft down. The information I gave you would take you over the site on the first stabilized fly by after deceleration. Okay here goes ... 30 degrees north, 6 minutes 105 degrees west, 6 minutes.

About the spectrum analysis. I guarantee you any film not properly shielded will absorb any radioactive particles. My best information says there are 17 different *cameras* aboard this surveyor. Some are digital, some are ultrasound, some are optical digital, and of course high resolution film recording. Which, btw, let me say that this camera platform on the surveyor will definitely return to Earth. The camera, the film and equipment, plus a sample gathering platform will return to Earth in approximately 42 months.

I guarantee that knowledgeable people will understand. And I also believe that they will attempt to discredit and to verify and support at the same time.

EMAIL: 98-04-09 18:04:01 EDT (In debate to above message, EMAIL: 98-04-22 20:55:04 EDT)

Recently while I was at the Observatory on a night Infrared run on our new scope I took a couple test shots of Mars. To my utter amazement every time the Cydonia site rotated into view it was glowing brightly in the infrared part of the spectrum. My theory to you people/ Cydonia`s FACE ON MARS monument was destroyed by a 1-7.5 megaton air burst. I have not decided if the mindless destruction is from US USSR forces or from extraterrestrial sources but this is my promise to my RE_IMAGE buddies, I will not sleep until I get to the bottom of this.

See: Late Martian Weather, apparently TES (Thermal Emission Spectrometer readings in infra-red).

(Source name withheld on request, and in hopes for more info)


SOURCE: [name withheld] from Leningrad formerly with USSR space agency, Professor of Astrophysics [institution withheld].

Phikent: so you think the nuking of Cydonia is a worthy investigation?

SOURCE: affirmative

SOURCE: it [the Face] might still be there...we don't know the time of the nuke

Phikent: Do you have prior inside evidence-observation that leads you to think this?

SOURCE: I know someone close to this...he worked on the manned mars project..I'll see him tonight . . .

(Source name withheld on request, and in hopes for more info)

EMAIL: 98-04-18 15:31:43 EDT JPL RENEGADE

How many listened to Art Bell last night? It was quite odd that my radio came on at 3:30 and I listened until 5:00. Fortunately the last hour was a repeat so I didn't miss what was the most important broadcast I have heard.

A man who worked for JPL related how he was fired on April 14. His only infraction was looking at some pictures! What happened was that he had pictures to be mailed by UPS or Fed Express, when he went to the cupboard where the containers were kept for mailing it was empty. He called the office and asked for some to be delivered. While he was waiting he went into the coffee room to have a cup of cocoa. The maintenance technician came in to have a cup of coffee. He came over to sit down with Kent! In the process he knocked the pictures off the table where Kent had placed them until the container arrived. Each picture was placed between protective cardboard and inside plastic envelopes. Well when they got knocked off the table (inadvertently) they fell on the floor and fell out of the container. Both Kent and the Maintenance Tech looked at them as he picked them up to place them back in the envelope. There in reddish copper colored photography was the most beautiful "mask" as he called it taken (the date was imprinted on it) on April 2, 1998. It was taken from a point directly over it and the full face and sun shining right on it - no shadows. Another picture had the same hue but this picture (there were 9 in all) was of a building with structured walls. He said the roof was missing and one wall had been caved in like it had been blasted. He said there was no doubt it was a building.

About the time he was putting the pictures back between the cardboard a higher man in a suit walked in the door. What should have taken 5 or 6 steps to get to him took the man 3. He leaped across the room and asked Kent what he was doing. He explained he was waiting for containers to ship the pictures in and they had fallen on the floor. The man grabbed the pictures and left.

In an hour or so he was called upstairs to the big bosses office where he was fired for dereliction of duty. He said what were you doing "looking at the pictures of Mars?" He said these pictures are not for the American public to see. He explained again. This was the first time he really knew for sure they were pictures from Mars. He had not used the word before.

Art asked him if he had mailed other pictures before and where they were mailed to. He said he mailed pictures to Langley AFB, Virginia (home of the CIA), and to the White House.

Art asked him if he had ever seen any other pictures and he said one time he was in the coffee room getting coffee when he looked over the shoulder of 2 suited men looking at pictures of what looked like the pyramids in Egypt but again in the reddish hue. When they saw him there they put them away real fast.

Kent would not give his last name because when he returned home that day early in the afternoon he walked into his apartment and noticed something was different. He was a confirmed bachelor and never dusted therefore he noticed right away that there was a ring where his telephone had been moved! He picked up the receiver and unscrewed the mouthpiece and there was a black computer chip someone had put in there. He carefully put it back on. He noticed other things out of place too. Now he knew that he was a hunted man. He quickly got a few things, locked the door and boarded an airplane out of there. Art asked him if he would be safe. He said he was going where he grew up and that yes he would be safe there. I wouldn't even had said that! Easy to find that out.

Art asked him to see if he could get hold of the Maintenance Man and have him call Art and verify what they saw. He said he would and he thanked Art for telling his story and also Linda Howe as she had talked to him first.

There you have it - a complete cover up - which we all knew anyway but isn't it just too bad that an innocent person has to suffer because of the blasted cover-ups this government perpetrates on us!

UPDATE: JPL RENEGADE, The disinformant (email immediately above)


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