Subj: Count on it!
Date: 4/3/01 7:15:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From:    ob1

  MITCH..thanx for the news..considering that our  NEW
"SUN" has no history for comparison..other than its first
HUGE dying belch of the first friday of Sept in 1973 when
2/3 rds of the rear side blew away and proscribed the
remainder of the LAST used-up Hydrogen mantle; the
remainder continued to blow-off from then through 1991
when only HELIUM was left! (still no polarity)

  You may recall that the SUN LOST its' "POLARITY" along
with its' announcement of having gone "half Life" on Jan
12th 1962! (Thus promulgating "SKY LAB" in 1963 to "watch"
this phenomenon until it crashed in Australia in 1978!)

  The "amelioration" came in late November (about the 15th
to the 21st) 1997 and was placed in GIF form by SOHO! From
there it took till Sept 11th, 1998 to regain its' Polarity
(announced by NASA..LMAO) and from there a "nurse-maid"
Galactic team of about 10 ships have been tending it ever
since and occasional releasing millions of  metric
mega-tons of spare Neutrons since to guarantee the
"hydrogen" status-quo! They are ALSO "collecting"
particles for weaponry. (see attachent)

  The NOW new "belches" are PLANNED activities to keep on
"stabalizing" the NEW "pseudo-mantle" extant. Such
phenomenon will be common from now through the year 3045
when the LAST vestiges of materials will be exhausted and
the SUN will "swell" and reach the surface of Jupiter.
Needless to say, the EARTH, Mars, and the remains of
Aster/Malduk will be vaporized and overload the flares
even more!

  The EARTH's atmosphere in general will be all CO2 by the
year 3000. Whenever the Oxygen supply will have been
totally used is estimated to be aprox p.a. 2600 at best!
WE, the survivors of a RAPED planet, of course will have
been removed and placed in NEW surroundings possibly with
our "Space-ship" MOON as a carrier of all samples from
this planet as was in the beginning about 4.5 billion yrs
ago! (keep in mind that our MOON is over 12 billion yrs
OLDER than this Solar system!). It's been around the horn
once'st or twice'st! LOL! Ob1

> Subject: Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - Mega Flare for a Mega Cycle
> Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 23:16:06 -0700
> From: Mitch Battros <>
> To: Breaking News <>
> Mega Flare for a Mega Cycle...04-03-01
> by Mitch Battros  (ECTV)
> Never before has NOAA posted their warning of what they
> call a "Mega Flare" :
> NASA just released their announcement calling this solar
> event a "Record-Setting Solar Flare".
> Below is an article I wrote back in May 2000...
> New Sunspot Record; Extreme Weather Expected...05/18/00
> by Mitch Battros  (ECTV)
> A new sunspot record count of 342 occurred late
> Wednesday night. This number is over double NASA's
> prediction of 150
> for this solar cycle named "Cycle 23". This occurrence
> lends support to the theory of what I am calling a "Mega
> Cycle".
> This phenomenon goes way beyond the 11, 22, 1200 year
> cycle we are more familiar with. It would be closer to
> thousands
> if not hundreds of thousands of years between
> events.(exact number unknown)  I believe this is what we
> are experiencing.
> Scientist are now starting to come forward with
> information of how and why these events are unfolding.
> As scientist feel more
> secure from peer badgering, we will evidence information
> beyond the shallow and cuteness terms like "El Nino" and
> "La
> Nina" or the upcoming "La Cucaracha" I believe what we
> will see is ongoing evidence of our weather being
> manipulated by none other than our Sun.
> Sunspots is the one measurable instrument scientist can
> use to make such predictions as did NASA. Depending on
> the
> number of sunspots, indicates the heightened solar
> activity which would follow i.e., M-Class, X-Class
> flares as well as
> CME's.  In turn, depending on how active and intense the
> solar activity, indicates how severely the magnetic
> field will be
> affected. Depending on how hard the magnetic field is
> hit, indicates how severe the ocean and jet stream
> currents will be
> affected. This in turn manifest as extreme weather in
> areas of the world hardest hit.
> Equation:
> Sunspots = Solar Flares = Magnetic Shift = Shifting
> Ocean and Jet Stream Currents = Extreme Weather
> More recent disclosure of ancient text lends strong
> support for the "Mega Cycle" event. There are many
> references of such an
> occurrence in the Aztec and Mayan Calendar. This solar
> cycle may also be related to the yet untold remainder of
> the Third
> Secret of Fatima. Also, there is very serious discussion
> of known and unknown celestial body's in the way of
> asteroids or
> comets that would indeed have an effect on the Sun's
> activity.
> Could these events have been prophesied thousand of
> years ago? Did our ancestors experience this same event
> in their
> time? One thing can be said for sure, our earth has seen
> this before, but we have not.
> Watch for a series of M-Class and X-Class flares to
> occur (perhaps several per day). Also watch for an
> increase in CME's.
> Last week in just a three day period, we witnessed three
> large CME's, two of which occurred in the same day.
> Expect extreme weather for the next several days. Watch
> for "records" to occur all around the world during this
> most
> vulnerable time.
> Mitch Battros
> Producer - Earth Changes TV