I betcha a buck fifty: this is where Missouri Mystery Mound is... 

4/17/02 10:13:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Looks like the roads in the Des Cyprie area may have changed over the
years.  Either that or someone likes to fake some roads using PhotoShop.
Either way the area I mention below is the only one like it in all of
New Madrid county.  Anyone is welcome to prove me wrong, though...

There's info and an aerial photo of the Missouri mystery mound here:

Now peek at the west end of Des Cyprie area in New Madrid county,
area: 5km NE of Lilbourn, MO
Coordinates (deg/min/sec): 36N 37'49" lat., 89W 35'41" long.
Coordinates (decimal): 36.63027777 lat., -89.59472222 long.

Take a look at the attached photo, combining my area and that website's
mystery mound photo.  See any resemblance? This area on the west end of
Des Cyprie isn't mentioned much on the internet; there are also no named
roads in this area.  Des Cyprie isn't even talked about on ANY website
except for a couple.  This area is north of the city of New Madrid too.

The attached photo shows one part of this area that resembles the
Missouri Mystery mound, and it's just about the ONLY area of New Madrid
county where a smaller road runs parallel to another road in the woods,
as the mystery mound aerial photo shows.

Sometimes you have to bet people a buck fifty that you're right... know
what I mean?  And this is one of those times.  Now all we do is drive to
the Des Cyprie area and poke around...