6/6/02 4:24:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Much spin going on here in the sunshine state, maybe you can put some of this to the slueths since there seems to be a media blackout here in Fla. 
First: On April 29th, we had a severe blackout here in Jacksonville.  There were reports of a transformer explosion followed by a subsequent fire, etc.  All articles are linked below, however, by the time the "Cause of blackout pinpointed"  article shows up -- there is NO mention of any explosion.  Also, it appears that JEA officials have discovered a new law of physics  in the following -- and I quote "....the transmission line sagged due to the heavy current running through it and touched a tree..."  I guess heavy current weighs a LOT nowadays :-)
Second: Around May 13th, a Fort Stewart soldier is jailed here in Jacksonville for planting explosives at a power plant.  There is NO mention of this on the local news!!  I did dig up a small article in the local paper linked here:
But it leaves out much detail compared to the Savannah article linked below: 
Third:  I did hear a blurb on NPR about the apprehension of a few individuals with plots to blow up powerplants in South Florida (about the middle of last week)  but I'm unable to locate any more info on this.
Lastly:  Today, June 5, at about 5:00 EST there was an explosion at a sewage treatment plant in the Talleyrand section of Jacksonville.  One witness was complaining of itchy skin -- once again, that is ALL I've heard about it.  Thanks.