RE: Using Gimp to decode and IF I have decoded correctly

Link: k+o+l+r+o+n"

1997/11/06 01:06:20

This wins the weird award


What the heck is the glowing mass above the EIT 284 on 1997/11/06 time: 01:06:20?

Examining the EIT195 movie for the day, we do see a powerful flare at the 4:00 position on the SW limb.



Strange, but could be reflection of sunlight at the border of the

telescope. But why only in one special image then?


We have seen "roving masses" near the sun prior.

1. NASA's "Mystery gas keeps heading for Sun"


NASA explanation

2. My own find, "Dark Entity"


3. Likewise on the 011128_dit_195.mpg movie (found as a result of the NORLOK investigations--clue from "N+O+R+L+O+K")


11/28/01 EIT 195 CAPTURES





BTW, you can use "right mouseclick on image" in GIMP and then Menu

Image->Colors->Levels to auto-adjust the grey-values to better see dark



Thanks. I did stretch the image using Photoshop. The first image just showed this:



The Sun-jumping around on August 20 (especially EIT 304) is really weird

and cannot explained so far in my opinion. If you take a look at you will read

"The plots also indicate variations in the X and Y positions of the Sun.

However the variations are so large that we must be very careful before

believing them, since we know that the spacecraft doesn't experience such

large variations, our own pointing eyes (the PES and boresighters) and the

images themselves don't show those excursions."


A wild thought might be that space itself is rippling, bent light

see: PLANET X Solar Particle Deflection?


Note, Nemesis Theory: we could instead implant Dr. Muller, Dr. Alvarez Nemisis theory: Could the sun's binary twin be causing quantum effects along the magnetic tether that binds the pair?