Date: 11/25/01 11:14:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent,
 Do you remember just a little while back when the Lasco and Soho went down for two days? and of course before breakdown the crazy sun activity?...Than curtain comes up again and the sun looks almost dead and lethargic compared to what proceeded the black out. I think you were on to something with your jest about "wonder how many torpedoes this time." I think they nailed it with multiple torpedoes...I get serious intuition that those are to actually temporarily control some excited state they are well aware is coming and to, in some cases as we have seen,  to cause directed ejection and thus strategic CME's away from earth.  On this line of thought I also get the bad feeling things with the sun are out of control. One ,from the natural excited state that was coming anyhow but  two, worst off from the tinkering of the "Great" Monkey men scientist who so brilliantly had to hide there complex ideas from us Sheeple. Just My inner thoughts...keep an eye to the sky brothers we are in for a ride