Subj: East Coast Fireball 
Date: 2/19/04 11:22:54 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello, just emailing to shed some insight on the fireball on the east coast. I happened to see one on friday night (2/13/04) with several friends, as we were leaving work outside of Allentown, PA. It was huge, i mean the actual fireball itself was about the size of a pea if held at arm's reach away, which sounds small, but most shooting stars are pin pricks, this was bigger and in the atmosphere. The weird thing, and scary i guess, was that it was greenish in color, and blue and orange sparks fell from it at several points. It flew northwest to southeast, and if it hit, it would have hit on south mountain in bethlehem or near steel city, but as of yet nothing has come forth other than a few other people seeing the same thing.

I also noticed the article on CNN is from 2001, so it isnt talking about the same thing i am, but i must say, it was cool! Oh and good job on the site, i have been a follower of your work for some time and i really what you do, you are truly a beacon of light and knowledge and guidance in this age of stygian darkness!!