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The one thing I keep thinking about is the Germans. Why would they go to Antarctia? They were very practical in those days, so what possible reason would they have for going there? They had a rerun of Art Bell last nite, the interview with Col Corso. Before the interview, Linda Moulton Howe was on and talked briefly about the Germans retreiving a crashed UFO in 1936, as you have reported on your site. I have Corso's book, and I'll read it again to verify this, but I seem to remember that the reason our Army 'seeded' the alien tech into american businesses was to keep ahead of the Germans. They knew that Germany had a UFO already. If the Germans did indeed recover a UFO and go to Antarctica shortly afterwards, then maybe there is connection there. Something they found on board? I also remember reading something about Hitler invading Poland too soon, before his military was ready. Did they plan on using UFO tech? Was Hitler so excited that he ordered an early attack, believing that he couldn't lose? Did he know Byrd was on his way and might find out something?
Looks like we have: 1936/1937:German ufo retrieval, 1938:German expeditions to Antarctica, 1939:Byrd expedition to Antarctia, 1939-Germans invade Poland while Byrd was enroute to Antarctia.
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In the series of reports, “The Quest for the Inner Passage,” (THEI Vol. 1)
we found that Admiral Byrd, who’s family is part of the elitist crowd through
kinship with England’s Royal family. Seemed to know from an early age that
he was destined to explore the earth’s Polar Regions.

In “Quest for the Inner Passage” we learned that a veil of secrecy has
covered his expeditions from the start. As one biographer put it, “there were
secrets that would not be talked about (1). We also learned that the One
World Order paymaster John D. Rockefeller and his pals had financed every one
of his early explorations. (2). And, much to the dismay of the other
expedition members, all of the scientific information gathered by the members
of Byrd’s First Antarctic Expedition – “enough to fill 7 large books” – was
turned over to Rockefeller before anyone else had a chance to study the
findings, only to vanish and never be seen again. (3).

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