Subj: Vril's? hollow earth?... I may be in La-La land
Date: 7/1/01 11:52:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time

It's amazing how quickly people forget about Earth's mysteries.  All these links should help people start to grasp the big picture about the earth and possibly other planets like Venus.  I'm just wondering when people will get their pitchforks out and shake 'em at NASA (Never A Straight Answer) and demand the truth!
The Vril idea around the globe (warning: a mature subject is mentioned):
Above link mentions stones in Death Valley.
Ah YES: sliding stones at Racetrack Playa!
If hollow earth believers were in the back of a college course on Racetrack Playa, they'd be back there shouting: "Mention the VRIL theory!  The earth is hollow!  How do ya think they find amethyst stones?  In hollow rocks.  Mention dark matter!"  Then they'd end up getting dragged out.
Vril explained from Lytton's "The Coming Race" (copies of book pages!):
Site that quickly ties together Thule, Vril, UFOs, Byrd, and Antarctica:
lengthy but WAY cool and scientific Hollow Earth reading:
In the above site try the "Artic Proof" link. Yes they spelled "Arctic" wrong.
What about an Aurora in the Absence of Solar Wind?  Huh? Hmm? Huh?  Few people want to answer that one.  It's nice to have a site like this as if you're in a debate and Stone Cold Steve Austin is on your side.  Be sure to check out the Images link at that site.  Notice I'm not crazy when I suggested to compare the magnetic earth grid with these hollow openings?  Oh how they don't listen to my site showing how the magnetic line runs right across the opening:
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